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Critically assess the sustainability policy of The Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015 - Essay Example

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The forums are aimed at addressing the issues related to environmental sustainability through focus on issues such as communication, water and sanitation and reduction of household and…
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Critically assess the sustainability policy of The Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015
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Extract of sample "Critically assess the sustainability policy of The Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015"

Download file to see previous pages When implemented, the policy will maximise the ability of the event to contribute positively to development and sustenance of sustainable development goals. It is, therefore, the aim of the policy to see an elevated standard of practice that is consistent with the best practices in event sustainability. The sustainable luxury forum is a series of events aimed at addressing issues related to communication, safety, energy reduction, waste minimisation, environmental conservation among others (Cole 2004).
Critically assessing the sustainable management policy of this 2015 event will help in determining the strengths of the policy and coming up with recommendations on how the performance of the policy in management of the event can be improved to ensure that the mission and vision of the event are achieved. The baseline goal of any policy is not just to ensure success of the event but also its sustainability (Schwandner 2004, p. 33). Measuring the degree of sustainability is a common challenge in many organisations. Triple bottom line is a theoretic approach to measuring of sustainability. This theory was developed in mid-1990 by John Elkington as an accounting model. Presently, the theory is used beyond the measurement of profits and losses in accounting setting to include other dimensions where management is necessary. It is, therefore, widely used in environmental and also social dimensions (Kaiser & Ringlstetter 2011).
The theory incorporates three dimensions of policy performance that should be established and sustained: social, environmental and financial. The main focus of the theory as it is the main theory that will be used in this paper are the people (social), the planet (environmental) and the profits (financial). These are also known as the three Ps. The social factors thus considered may include the community variations and issues related to resources ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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