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The strategic life of Howard Hughes - Case Study Example

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A highly charismatic, motivated and dependable individual, Howard Hughes is an individual who had a strong mastery of entrepreneurship and managerial concepts. He had the capability to learn new materials efficiently and effectively while maintaining the essence of positive…
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The strategic life of Howard Hughes
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Extract of sample "The strategic life of Howard Hughes"

The strategic life of Howard Hughes A highly charismatic, motivated and dependable individual, Howard Hughes is an individual whohad a strong mastery of entrepreneurship and managerial concepts. He had the capability to learn new materials efficiently and effectively while maintaining the essence of positive attitude. The eagerness in pursuit of success made Howard Hughes to become one of the world legends in strategic management skills. His bold business tactics, achievement and unique personal life in acting prompted the development of good entrepreneurship qualities. He is also an individual who was ready to risk his equity on creativity and innovations and had noticeable efforts and skills of creating and experimenting new ideas (Frehner & Waldron, 2004).
The life of Howard Hughes signifies systematic methods put into use to achieve his personal plans and success. He is a well-known individual who could utilize the available specific resources to achieve short-term goals aiming at a defined mission. In addition, this individual used a unique tactic for accountability in any action taken either by himself or on his behalf. Howard had unsatisfied thirst for knowledge. He utilized hands-on tactic as a management style to inspire and motivate his team (Higham, 2011). The vast tendency to differentiate personal and business life despite common hardships was also another reason behind Howard’s success. He remained devoted and focused on short-term goal achievement with a tactful mission for a long-term goal.
Howards personal strategies comprise of several activities utilized to give a competitive advantage in innovation and entrepreneurship. To strengthen his financial stability and competitiveness, Howard Hughes was good in overcoming his weakness and capitalizing on his strengths. In his life as an entrepreneur and a successful businessperson, Howard never compromised on his goals. It is worth noting that as an entrepreneur and individual should understand all the stages and goals needed for success. His life full of struggles proves that never distracted him from achieving personal dreams. Staying focused to the set goals is one of the vital strategies for business performers (Frehner & Waldron, 2004).
The strategy of obtaining the best employees is one of Howard’s secrets behind his success. He employed people whom he could trust and have a great treasure in them. The secret behind being hands on is a strategy used by Howard. He was greatly admired by his workers as a perfect team leader who had step-by-step involvement in his projects. Other strategies like time to time study of competitors innovations, achievements and another business step is also a perfect strategy for entrepreneurs to know the competitors weakness. Capitalizing on his strength in innovations, research and mathematics, Howard made a remarkable achievement in different fields.
Howard Hughes is a famous and remarkable innovator and true American hero who lived in American dream. He will always be remembered for his fascinating achievement. Hughes represented a true genius who had achievement in the aviation industry, industrialization, and movies producer. He left a very impressive culture of achievement, which has a great impact in American life.
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