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Ideo - Assignment Example

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The International Design and consultation firm attributes its success to its ability in identifying what the consumers need in the present market. The managerial team…
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Extract of sample "Ideo"

Management   IDEO - Shopping Cart Invention Categorized as the top twenty-five among other Innovation companies, IDEO Company is one of the most successful. The International Design and consultation firm attributes its success to its ability in identifying what the consumers need in the present market. The managerial team plays a big role in the company’s success. As seen in the nightline video, David Kelley, one of IDEO’s founding partner and the team leader’s mentor, inspires designers to become inventive (Neri, 2010). The employees listen to every idea, involve themselves in brainstorming and delve into creative design making. It proves that a liberal management system is necessary for a company to achieve continuous successful results (Neri, 2010). The company also invests in building great infrastructure for the designers allowing them to have fun creating and executing new ideas. The company has also come up with creative futuristic merchandises and solutions, which penetrate the market on a global scale.
Among many other inventions IDEO has had, since inception, the redesigned shopping cart as one of its most successful inventions. The IDEO designers noticed problems with the traditional designs and changed them (Roth, 2011). Factors like safety when using the trolley were also a major issue. Additionally, inventing a product scanner to scan the goods reduces the time a customer spends at a till waiting for their turn to purchase. For example, instead of customers pushing trolleys around crowded supermarkets they can leave them at the end of an aisle and. It has not yet been released to the market, because of stiff competition particularly in the French markets (Roth, 2011).
The 1998 IDEO shopping cart design was a success though it was not ready to enter to the market (Roth 2011). The firm had an excellent idea that would impress the customers and ease the efforts made in traditional way of shopping. However, the marketing team had not researched the market to find out if it would be economically viable, or if the retailers would accept the extra costs. As noted with products like the iPhone, clients are ready to purchase particularly if they are of good quality, are friendly and technologically enhanced.
If I hired IDEO to redesign my products, I would be extremely confident with the firm. However, this would only be possible if I had a brilliant idea of a new product or the need to substantially improve on an existing one. I would be confident because I have seen that over time, the firm has invented products that are visionary, practical and competitive. Products like the apple computer mouse, the shopping cart are products that clearly boost a customer’s confidence. IDEO’s workforce is highly productive as seen in the deep dive documentary. The influential companies consulting with them clearly prove that they are trend setters. Therefore, anyone would be willing to invest money with IDEO to develop a product. Nonetheless, I would research on the market demand, retailers’ acceptability and consumer adoption to the product.
The company has had more success than failure thus; an invented product slow inception to the market does not necessarily mean it will not be eventually accepted. The deep dive video clearly shows that the designers work under pressure swiftly prototyping designs followed by satisfactory results (Neri, 2010). Therefore, it shows IDEO’s ability to create long-lasting relationship with its customers.
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I had an issue with a assignment types of works. All until I came across this website and this particular document. Even though "Ideo" is far from my interests, the structure is so great that I use it all the time as an example for my own works.


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