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Challenging the process - Essay Example

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Challenging the process means bringing in new systems of operation or management. It is all about change. An organization’s leader may recognize the need to change the culture, in order to attract more customers. Such a change means challenging the processes in the…
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Challenging the process
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Extract of sample "Challenging the process"

Challenging the Process al Affiliation Challenging the process means bringing in new systems of operation or management. It is allabout change. An organization’s leader may recognize the need to change the culture, in order to attract more customers. Such a change means challenging the processes in the organization. Leaders always ensure change management without offending people through effective communication, effective conflict resolution, the use of effective and compatible strategies, and other change management requirements. In most cases, the employees and people from the community would not agree with the change processes. It is the role of the organization leader to recognize this and ensure smooth implementation of the proposed changes (Paton & McCalman, 2008).
2. The leader of the organization should assess the sustainability of the organization in its current state and the benefits of change. If change will make the organization sustainable and the status quo is unsustainable, then the leader should take measures into convincing, and involve the organization’s members in the expected change.
3. The leader creates a vision for the future. This guides the need for change. The organization’s leader then develops a change coalition. This is appropriate to eliminate any resistance to change. It is also important for effective implementation of the new processes. The leader then mobilizes the commitment. Employees and other stakeholders of the organization have to be committed to what the organization intends to achieve. Lastly, the manager leads the change process (Paton & McCalman, 2008).
4. Change processes are initiated for various reasons. Sometimes organizations need to update the system in all the departments and to deal with such a system requires change in certain processes. Sometimes focus is on improving the performance of the organization by adopting a new culture. The organization may have new distribution centers or markets to exploit, requiring changes in its systems (Paton & McCalman, 2008).
Paton, R. A. and McCalman, J. (2008). Change Management: A Guide to Effective
Implementation. California: SAGE. Read More
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