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Change, innovation, experimentation, and risks are integral aspects of practically every business, aiming not only to survive on the market, but also to grow and develop. Change is considered to be one of the critical paths of any organization, where the risks depend on many…
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Change inovation, exsperimintation and risk
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Change, inovation, experimintation and risk Change, innovation, experimentation, and risks are integral aspects of practically every business, aimingnot only to survive on the market, but also to grow and develop. Change is considered to be one of the critical paths of any organization, where the risks depend on many different outcomes. Organizational change with obvious positive outcomes for employees might cause opposition and negative reactions if managed not properly or ineffectively. As leadership and employee’s reactions are often closely interrelated during the organizational changes, effective leadership is vital for successful organizational change (Oreg & Berson 2011).
The experts believe that innovation is especially important in today’s globalized world. However, the ability to create, conceive of, and bring to market new innovations is problematic if there is no effective leadership in the organization (Leaders are the major influencers of innovation and change for every organization (Sinar, Wellins, Pacione n.d.). According to Kouzes & Posner (2012), great leaders should be committed to both experiments and risk taking as these activities lead to small wins and enable to gain valuable experience for learning. In this case, small wins are “concrete, complete, implemented outcomes of moderate importance” (Kouzes & Posner 2012, 190). While taking risks and experimenting people, involved in highly intensive psychological environment, experience a high degree of stress and this experience enables them to cope with stressful and challenging situations in a positive manner. Such a behavior is definitely one of the important qualities of effective leader (Kouzes & Posner 2012).
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