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Analysis the case - Essay Example

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A key factor that plays into George Stein’s dilemma is the obvious feeling of guilt as a result of the betrayal of the trust and goodwill from the management and the surrounding consumers of the milkshakes derived from the firm’s processes. Stein acknowledges that the one…
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Analysis the case
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Case Analysis A key factor that plays into George Stein’s dilemma is the obvious feeling of guilt as a result of thebetrayal of the trust and goodwill from the management and the surrounding consumers of the milkshakes derived from the firm’s processes. Stein acknowledges that the one thing which he is very proud of at the company is the absence of the managers. The managers seem to have entrusted the employees to ensure that the milkshake input manufacture processes proceeds smoothly even in their absence. The absence of the manager seems to fascinate him and he feels like he owes them a duty to be thorough in his duties for the sole purpose of meeting the manger’s presumed expectations. The fact that the company pays well further adds on Stein’s burden of guilt.
Stein is also uncomfortable by the fact that his actions, or lack off, may lead to the region’s children partaking contaminated products. He promptly shares this concern with his coworker who conveniently dismisses the concerns. The feeling of empathy that Stein has for the kids also makes him to have second thoughts on the course of action that is being suggested by his coworkers. To further emphasize on his empathy, Stein admits that he feels knots getting tied up in his stomach upon imagining the local lids partaking of milkshakes that have been produced by components from Eastland Dairy.
Contrasting factors that ultimately lead to the dilemma and further complicate the decision making process includes the fact that the manufacturing process seems to be self-correcting and that the managers expectations will be met especially when the filter is removed. Admittedly, Stein agrees that the mangers expectations include ensuring that the shift quotas are met and the manufacturing hardware has been cleaned up. Stein as his team will gladly meet such expectations when the filters are removed and the manufacturing process continues without interruption. The profit initiative also influences this outcome. Stopping the process would have been a very costly undertaking for the company. After all, the company exists for purposes of making profit – and they do this by limiting the costs. Another contrasting factor fueling the dilemma faced by Stein is the fact that he has already been informed that the components will still be safe for human consumption nonetheless. According to a member of the night shift team who is more experienced, the pasteurization and homogenizer process will ensure that the product is safe after all. The fact that everyone on the shift wants to leave for home on time also influences Stein’s dilemma. He feels that if he makes a decision which contradicts his teammate’s expectations, then he would be faced with ridicule from his fellow workmates.
In a unionized work environment, each employee is obligated to ensure that he or she protects the interest of the fellow employees. Stein should make the decision which will allow the manufacturing process to run its term during the shift. This is because he has been guaranteed that his concern is a nonstarter since the manufacturing process is foolproof. However, as the cleaning time begins, he should ensure that the filters are thoroughly cleaned to rid of the maggots.
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Analysis the Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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