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Cleveland Clinic Case - Essay Example

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Moreover, the management has to identify the key initiatives that would aid the clinic’s growth. The paper shall highlight the…
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Cleveland Clinic Case
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Extract of sample "Cleveland Clinic Case"

Cleveland Clinic Growth Strategies Cleveland clinic could achieve its goals of improved quality provision if its top management becomes more creative and flexible in their strategies. Moreover, the management has to identify the key initiatives that would aid the clinic’s growth. The paper shall highlight the specific growth initiatives that would transform the clinic into a value-based organization and grow bigger.
The clinic has to form relationships with physicians. Statistics indicate that the clinic has expanded its staff size because of the increased number of fields and expanded facilities (Lee, 2013). Such case demands the clinic to improve its hospital-physician relationships. A good hospital-relationship would increase the market share because the physicians are often the source of patient referrals. In addition, physicians have proved their worth in increasing the hospital quality. The physicians are the ones offering the clinic’s services; hence, a good relationship with the clinic would be a quality improvement strategy (Lee, 2013).
Beyond improving the clinic’s quality, a good hospital-physician relationship would improve the clinic’s population health management methods. The physicians would offer the insights about the areas of need in the population. In the long run, the image of the clinic would improve, and Cleveland would grow significantly.
The clinic has proved its love for technology. Investing in technology has made it easier for Cleveland’s management to connect easily with physicians and the community. Furthermore, the technology would enable the management to seek the necessary data that would improve service delivery. A good technology in healthcare systems is crucial in capturing the correct metrics used in medicine and track the growth progress.
Finally, the clinic would grow bigger if it merges with other hospitals and healthcare systems. Mergers and acquisition have been successful in the healthcare system. It would enable Cleveland and other clinics to share their strategies.
Lee, J. (2013). Strategic partnership. Modern Healthcare, 2.
Michael P, Elizabeth T. (2013). Cleveland Clinic: Growth Strategy 2012. Havard Business School, 1-23. Read More
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Cleveland Clinic Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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