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T P Leadership Questionnaire - Assignment Example

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This indicates that my leadership style is autocratic which is concerned for high productivity. The concern for people aspect is lower than the concern…
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T P Leadership Questionnaire
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Extract of sample "T P Leadership Questionnaire"

The results from the T-P Leadership Questionnaire show a score of 10 for concern for task (T) and 6 for concern of people (P). This indicates that myleadership style is autocratic which is concerned for high productivity. The concern for people aspect is lower than the concern for task which brings us to the conclusion that in terms of shared leadership, morale for the employees is medium. As such, this paper seeks to critique the implications of this leadership style on the performance of the employees as well as the organization as a whole.
The task structure reflected by the results of the questionnaire portrays the degree to which job assignments are procedurized (Robbins, 1994). Bearing this in mind, it can be seen that the job tasks are structured in such a way that is geared towards the attainment of higher productivity for the organization. The main advantage of the autocratic leadership style that is characteristic to this scenario is that productivity in the organization is set to increase and this in turn leads to increased revenue. This ensures the viability and sustainability of the organization in the long run. This would be good for the organization but it must also be remembered that the workers form the backbone of the organization. All the production that takes place in the company is dependent on the efforts of the employees.
Given that the employees play a pivotal role in the organization, it can be observed that they also have needs and interests which need to be fulfilled. The leaders have a role to ensure that these needs and interests are fulfilled for the betterment of the organization as well as the welfare of the employees. As indicated by the T-P leadership Questionnaire results, it can be seen that morale for the employees is medium and this may not be a healthy situation in the long run. Leaders who use the autocratic style of leadership often encounter challenges with regards to implementing change in their organizations since they may feel alienated by virtue of the fact that their interests are not prioritized. It is widely believed that for change to occur in organizations, the leaders must get others to change and they themselves must also change (Jackson & Schuler, 2000). However, it is quite difficult for autocratic leaders to easily adopt change since they want to maintain the status-quo.
The other problem of autocratic leadership style is that low morale among the employees can lead to staff turnover. This generally refers to the rate at which people leave the organization as a result of different factors. According to Werner (2007), staff-turnover in the organization is counterproductive since the firm will be losing experienced and talented workers instead of retaining them. Essentially, organizations that are concerned about their long term survival should strive to retain their workers since they are responsible for all the work that is performed.
Over and above, it can be observed that autocratic leadership style as indicated by the results of the survey carried above, there are benefits for concern for the task to the organization. For instance, productivity is set to increase when this leadership style is implemented in the organization. However, there are also setbacks that are likely to be caused by this particular leadership style. Problems such as staff turnover as well as low employee morale are likely to be encountered. Therefore, it is essential for the leaders to create a fine balance between the needs and interests of the organization as well as the employees in order to achieve optimum performance.
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7th Edition, South Western College Publishing: Boston.
Robbins, SP 1994, Organizational behaviour: Concepts, controversies and applications,
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The T-P Leadership Questionnaire is reprinted from A Handbook of Structured Experiences
for Human Relations Training, Vol. 1, rev., edited by J. William Pfeiffer and John E. Jones. La Jolla, CA: University Associates, 1974. Used with Permission – NASSP National Student Leadership Camps Curriculum Guide.
Werner, J 2007, Organizational behaviour, JUTA: Cape Town. Read More
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