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Integrated Business Communication - Term Paper Example

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Communication results in a wider variety of facts and knowledge (Oliver, 1997). It justifies how important communication is in the business world. As a future executive I will face many communication…
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Integrated Business Communication
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Extract of sample "Integrated Business Communication"

Integrated Business Communication Important communication Issues In the future the corporate world will face manycommunication challenges. Communication results in a wider variety of facts and knowledge (Oliver, 1997). It justifies how important communication is in the business world. As a future executive I will face many communication challenges. Technology is becoming the heart and soul of businesses. But technology does not have a brain to interpret the context of a message. Majority of communication is done through technological means. The spirit of the message can get lost in this process. Everyone is simply overwhelmed by information overload. Emails, text messages, BBMs, documents attached with emails, manuals, guidelines, rules etc., and the list goes on and on. Everyone has less time to process a piece of communication which will result in a lot of communication problems.

Future of communication
Communication will become more complex in future. A quick study into recent corporate history reveals that communication has been the major reason for the fall of companies like Enron, Nokia, Thai Airways (Groysberg & Slind, 2012). The reason for complex communication is one person is handling more responsibilities than before. Multitasking might have been a trait not appreciated in the past but these days companies hire people that can handle many tasks. An all-rounder is more successful in the corporate world.
Role technology
This is the age of self-broadcasting. People want to talk more than to listen. Technology has made their job much easier. Every company has its own communication climate that emerges from the information flow on a few key issues (Oliver, 2004). When this flow of information is replaced by technology then it is supposed to alter the communication climate of the whole organization. Technology has already taken up most of the communication channels between humans. But technology is not all bad. It is also an inexpensive way of communication between people and businesses.
Bridging the Information Gap
One apparent solution of bridging the communication gap between cultures, income levels, generations and education is to apply technology as the means to communicate effectively. People live and work in another part of the country or of the world but they can immediately talk with their parents or grandparents with the help of smart phone applications. People setup their profiles on social media and add others that belong to all walks of life. Reaching and communicating with celebrities and CEOs of a company had never been easier. Similarly the best kind of education can be communicated through technology from MIT research center to Nigeria.
Personal Philosophy
My personal philosophy is that the integrated business communication will get very tough. Today advertisements have to shout to get people’s attention. Employees hire professionals to write and design their resumes because they need to beat the competition to get the attention of a company they are eyeing on. Those who will adapt to this rapidly changing environment will survive and thrive. Those who will get stuck in the rut of convention will perish.
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Oliver, S. (1997) Corporate communication: Principles, techniques, strategies. Kogan Page Publishers.
Oliver, S. (2004) A handbook of corporate communication and public relations. London: Routledge. Read More
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