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Personal and Managerial Effectiveness - Assignment Example

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The CSR policy can be regarded as self-regulating or built-in mechanism with the help of which business ensures and monitors their active compliance…
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Personal and Managerial Effectiveness
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Extract of sample "Personal and Managerial Effectiveness"

Download file to see previous pages embraces responsibility for action’s of a firm and encourages through its overall activities a positive impact on consumers, stakeholders, environment, employees, and various other members who belong to public sphere. In 1960s the term corporate social responsibility gained its importance and was used by many firms to cover moral and legal responsibilities. Proponents often argue that corporate social responsibility activities facilitate long term profits for a firm while some critics often state that CSR distracts a firm from its economic role. It can be stated that CSR is a management concept that enables firm to integrate environmental and social concerns. This is a procedure through which a firm strikes balance between social, economic and environmental imperatives. The CSR policy is a mechanism through which shareholder’s expectations are successfully met and even stakeholders are satisfied. Tesco Plc is a retailer of general merchandise and multinational grocery that has its headquarters in United Kingdom. Through its effective strategies Tesco has been able to create a unique position in the market. It is the market leader in terms of selling grocery in UK. The company has its stores spread across 12 countries. Corporate Social Responsibility forms an integral part of the business operations of Tesco. It donates a desirable percentage of its profit margins towards local community or charitable organizations. The company not only considers societal benefits but also implements strategies that safeguard the environment. It has always given importance to CSR activities much beyond the business interests.
According to Freeman and Velamuri (2006), Corporate Social Responsibility possesses permeated management theory and practice and can be considered to be the latest management fad. There has been an uneven integration of CSR into business process. Most firms consider CSR policy to be a tool that reduces operational costs and risk. There is only certain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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