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The Concept of Bureaucracy as an Effective System of Organization - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to provide a critical evaluation of bureaucracy concept as an effective organizational system. The benefits of bureaucracy in organizations have been evaluated and work from various authors described in this paper…
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The Concept of Bureaucracy as an Effective System of Organization
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Extract of sample "The Concept of Bureaucracy as an Effective System of Organization"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that various descriptions and concepts have been developed regarding bureaucracy. From the definition, bureaucracy can be described as a management system intended to handle the affairs of the state and organize the relationship between the state and the citizens. Max Weber, a sociologist, described bureaucracy extensively, and his ideas are more or less acceptable. Some of his works include the Rational Efficient Organization. While political scientists describe bureaucracy as state administration, the economists use the term in describing the non-market organizations.  To some extent, most organizations have been bureaucratized. Our mechanistic thinking mode has shaped the basic concepts of what entails a good organization. Such thinking has played a major role in defining how an organization defines its responsibilities and accountability involved. According to theorists, institutions, and organizations, bureaucracy can adversely affect strategies regarding the way through which they want to achieve their objectives. However, at times, those organizations and institutions may tend to disagree on how to shape and reshape their interests and goals. From an organizational perspective, institutions and organizations can easily endow the individual actors with interests and goals on condition that some specific features of an organization remain in place. Bureaucracy gives bosses control over their subordinates and subordinates should, in turn, follow the instructions. As a result, subordination and control form the major section of a bureaucratic system to form the organizing principles guiding decisions, directing actions and determining the outcomes. Each employee should follow the instructions given to them by their seniors. Research shows that bureaucratic practices create in peoples’ mind lack of curiosity, making them function only within some limits based on set rules and regulations. The bureaucratic mind will, therefore, being in control, use the authority to control reformation ability of the system. In such a system, no person has the power of initiating any changes or proposing drastic changes that can disrupt prevailing peace and order. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Concept of Bureaucracy As an Effective System of Organization Essay - 1.
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The Bureaucracy as an Effective System of Organization different organizations showing the “ups and downs” of bureaucratic organization. In addition, it will represent the bureaucratic principles and theories to the organizations and their necessity and role for the organizations. The evaluation of the concept of bureaucracyBureaucracy as the system has grown into the complex, which over the years neither the employees nor the leadership have been able to understand and control effectively. With its main goal to control productivity of work and its successful completion, the concept of bureaucracy felt...
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...importance in social science and organization theory as it plays a pivotal role in the world of management. According to Du Gay (2000), bureaucracy is not only organizational form that is strictly restricted for a modern society rather it is followed by every society worldwide. Organizational behavior, organizational theories and management identify the effect of bureaucracy in a formal and rational organization. The model of Weber treated as the descriptive version of organizational model of Taylor is based on the scientific management theory. The strict rules, division of labour and specialization codify one of the best ways for strict subordination....
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...into units based on their skills. Fourth, an “up-focused” mission implies the organization’s purpose to serve the stockholders, the board or whatever agency that empowers it. Finally, purposely impersonal ensures equal treatment of every employee, as well as customers without influence by individual differences. Bureaucracy as a system also has its disadvantages, which include low morale due to specialization, because of repetition the job becomes boring. Second, the absence of maneuverability due to many set procedures and avenues to be followed for every process. This leaves no possibility for maneuvering. Third, companies that employ bureaucratic structures run the risk of becoming...
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..., who will implement the policies. About bureaucracy, usually, the people in leadership are not the ones chosen or elected by the public, but rather, allocated responsibility based on their qualifications. Also, their day to day performance is evaluated since they report to their immediate boss, hence no bias opinions unlike in an anti-bureaucratic system where the people in leadership can place their relatives in any requested unit. Different viewpoints have resulted with reference to bureaucracy. Like any new change in an organization, supporting viewpoints are present, and opposing views too. Other findings argue that the disadvantages of bureaucracy...
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