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Capstone Experience (SWOT Analysis and Strategic Scorecard) Clairol Company 1 - Assignment Example

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Moreover, it has an excellent reputation with a high level of customer referrals within the firm.
The company enjoys a high financial strength that…
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Capstone Experience (SWOT Analysis and Strategic Scorecard) Clairol Company 1
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Extract of sample "Capstone Experience (SWOT Analysis and Strategic Scorecard) Clairol Company 1"

Download file to see previous pages According to Doyle and Bridgewater (2010), the main focus on the confectionery gives them an upper hand in understanding the consumers in the various segments better. The achievement of various acquisitions gave it the opportunity to expand into other markets like Vietnam (Doyle and Bridgewater 2010).
P&G has less exposure in the other markets and therefore it will faces difficulty in understanding the new emerging markets compared to its competitors. The release of a high number of brands at the same time also makes it hard for the management to concentrate on the performance of a particular brand within the market.
There are new markets with great opportunities that exist and expand into the emerging markets such as India where the population is on the rise. There is an increase of consumer wealth and an increase in the demand for confectionery products thus an increase in the amount of profits (Doyle and Bridgewater, 2012).
The markets the company operates have a high rate of acquisitions and merger currently, and there are opportunities that exist to raise market share by means of planned purchases. This will also boost the level of profits at P & G.
Increase in the level of efficiency and reduction of costs is the main route to survival within the FMCG market. P & G’s plan towards cost efficiency leads to saving of costs through moving production to countries that have cheaper raw materials and reduce the internal costs
The large quantities of goods that need proper storage and management are high in number, but there have been inadequate methods of handling the goods. Thus, some end up getting spoilt in the process resulting to a big loss to the organization since the products will not reach the end users (Percy and Giles, 2007). This paper, therefore, looks into the warehousing process.
The demand for the products within the cost environment has increased. This is an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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