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Activity 1 - Ford & Taylorism - Assignment Example

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According to Taylor (2004), Taylorism represents a type of management that subscribes to scientific principles and it emphasizes on the creation of efficiency through the evaluation of different stages of production and breaking down of tasks into smaller segments. Taylor (2004)…
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Activity 1 - Ford & Taylorism
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Extract of sample "Activity 1 - Ford & Taylorism"

Activity Ford & Taylorism Question According to Taylor (2004), Taylorism represents a type of management that subscribes to scientific principles and it emphasizes on the creation of efficiency through the evaluation of different stages of production and breaking down of tasks into smaller segments. Taylor (2004) further added that Taylorism is mainly focused on improving economic efficiency by utilizing limited workforce and eliminating the duplication of roles.
Workers in Australia, America, and Europe can accept Taylorism in its form today because it promotes efficiency in the workplace and enables them to specialize on areas where they have expertise. Workers in these three countries are accustomed to industrialization and most of the manufacturing companies within these countries currently apply the Taylorism management technique, which means that workers presently receive specialized training on various tasks and hence they can perform better in specified tasks.
Question 2
According to Lewis & McDermott (2006), the best script for call centers must consider the customer’s journey. Customers journey include designing a matrix of customer needs against solutions been offered in order to map the foundation of the intended customer interaction and make sure every interaction is covered.
Taylourism is evident in this because the principle of scientific management is brought out clear in the aspect of deciding or planning the work in advance, and also in the determination of standards of performance.
Question 3
According to Luhman (2012), scientific management approach advocated the application of scientific methods to analyze work and to determine how to complete production efficiently.
The advantages of a bureaucratic organization is that each role is standardized. It fosters specialized skills, which then eliminate the immanent judgment. Therefore, it is correct to argue that industrialized areas within the World would highly prefer the ideas of Taylorism since
Lewis, A., & McDermott, J. (2006). Winning at customer services and call centre job interviews: Including answers to the interview questions. London: Anson Reed.
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Luhman, J. T. (2012). Key concepts in organization theory. London: SAGE.
Taylor, F. (2004). Scientific Management. London, Routlege
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