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Applications paper - Movie Review Example

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Plot 1: The film “Swimming with Sharks” (available at you tube) is about a young writer(Guy) who thinks he will make it big in Hollywood, but unfortunately he got assigned to a ruthless boss (Buddy) who made his life miserable in the office. Guy is a normal writer, trying…
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Applications paper
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Download file to see previous pages As Guy planned revenge, a twist in the ending showed Buddy confessing having had same bullied treatment before he became the manager, and this is his way of motivating Guy to succeed.
Plot 2. Smoking Room is a movie about discrimination and culture.(The world of business in movies, 2009). It is about a middle level executive (Ramirez), who got enraged when his U.S. based office ban smoking in the office premises. If anyone wants to smoke, he has to go out of at least 20 ft. from the office premises, sometimes exposed to freezing cold or burning heat of temperatures. Ramirez who claims to have a Spanish descent, believes this rule is discriminating and disregards the acceptability of the Spanish smoking culture. He was alone in his campaign after his colleagues left him in his fight due to office politics, agenda and convenience.(The World of Business in Movies, 2009).
Let us first identify the fundamental concepts of organizational behavior. These are individual differences, perception, whole person, motivation, desire for involvement, and human dignity. These concepts are transformed in the four models of organization that are described in the movie. Study looks at the concept of human dignity in “Swimming with Sharks” and Individual differences thru diversity in “Smoking Room”.
“Swimming with Sharks” is a movie that reflects an organizational concept of boss-employee relationship that is defined in an autocratic manner. It is a movie shown in 1994 but continues to share its relevance in organizational behavior studies today. Although the movie is done in a comical way, the characters played perfectly the roles in a conflict situation in an organization; one that tries autocratic authority to compel obedience, and an employee-employer relationship based on fear. The movie gives credit to the saying “the end justifies the means”, wherein the finale of the movie shows the assistant elevated to a higher ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Applications Paper Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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