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Contract Management Challenges and Practical Solutions - Research Paper Example

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The author of this paper "Contract Management Challenges and Practical Solutions" comments on the method of conducting business that is somewhat different from the traditional methods because of the introduction of advanced technological advancements…
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Contract Management Challenges and Practical Solutions
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Extract of sample "Contract Management Challenges and Practical Solutions"

Download file to see previous pages In early days, mailing bunch of paper materials and letters were quite common. Nowadays, advanced technological advancements have certainly changed the perception of individuals and enabled them to keep pace with the changing world. In general, electronic submission is regarded as the process based on which documents are submitted through varied electronic means. The internet medium has certainly become one of the best electronic means through which one can easily transfer the document from one place to another with saving much amount of time (Rush University, n.d.).
In the context of building model airplanes into a small business, which produces small remote control aircraft that are capable of long sustained flights, the electronic submission process can be carried out through internet medium as an essential communication component. It will be vital to mention in this similar concern that the aforesaid mean of electronic submission process eventually contributes in preparing as well submitting various essential documents electronically, resulting in simplifying the contract process between the two parties (Rush University, n.d.).
Specially mentioning, the security measures present in the above-discussed business approach are quite important to be taken into concern with the intention of effectively submitting a particular offer along with getting accepted the same. It is quite obvious that the submission of important documents over the internet or web always generates certain threats that might create greater complexities in the operational procedures. In this regard, the measures include following the solicitation instructions carefully and reviewing the same with utmost efficiency among others (Rush University, n.d.). The advantages over classic paper solicitations can be measured in the form of appropriately responding as well as completing the solicitation and efficiently reviewing the similar procedure for generating several favorable results.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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