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Business Proposal for Quantity Surveying in the UK - Essay Example

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The aim of this report is to identify and highlight key opportunities in the UK market. There will be two sections in the report where the first section will detail the analysis of the market, and the second will propose QS services important from the market point of view…
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Business Proposal for Quantity Surveying in the UK
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Extract of sample "Business Proposal for Quantity Surveying in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages LPS is a privately owned firm that provides services in quantity surveying to construction clients. With the countable experience of thirty years, LPS upholds great name and reputation in quantity surveying practices. For UK clients, LPS has been a great support. With professional knowledge and expertise, LPS was able to make several construction projects a success. With a mission to serve clients with trust, LPS has also made its name in corporate social responsibility.
There are several professional services, which LPS provides to its clients. From cost, estimation to cost planning, and from information control to risk management LPS provides everything that could turn a construction project into revenue. It inputs everything that could make a construction project viable for completion. Presently, LPS is in a transition state, a change that is important for making organization improve its position. The need is to understand that what opportunities are waiting and should be tried off by LPS professionals. As there are plans of expansion these opportunities should be extracted out, which could possibly improve LPS business position and so as customer prospect respectively.
From the nature of work, quantity surveying can be defined as a professional practice applied in construction for deliberate planning and organization. This practice deals with two major segments, cost management, and contract management. At times when construction projects are faced by different challenges, a quantity surveyor tends to counter these challenges. These may include regulatory contractual challenges or challenges related to cost and cost measures. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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