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This has proved to be vital in dealing with issues related to employment relations, commitment, and retention. Moreover, these strategies enable the HR departments…
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Final Project on Defense Contract Management Agency
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Download file to see previous pages However, there is need for institutions or firms to have programs that allow resolution of disputes or minimizes issues such as whistle-blowing. Whistle blowing may be detrimental to the image of a firm. Institutions in the US have the role of ensuring that they encourage equal employment opportunities for all individuals and in the events that an individual is discriminated against in one way or the other; they can file a law suit against these organizations or institutions.
Firms that thrived in the competitive business climate have been cognizant to the importance of diversification of not only the workforce but also the products. However, they have the obligation of ensuring that the rights of the employees are well catered for since the employees have the rights to join labor movements and unions that are able to fight for them. Besides the need for labor unions, the retention of employees inclusive of gaining employees commitment depends on the compensation that a company offers inclusive of the benefits. Companies that offer reasonable benefits and compensations to the employees tend to be attractive than those whose packages are deemed inadequate. In addition, organizations have incorporated the concept of outsourcing to maximize either their performance or profit. In the process of organizations carrying out their operations, they often encounter opportunities and challenges. Tackling these challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities present the platform for the companies to grow and develop.
This paper seeks to examine: Strategic human resource management; Legal and ethical codes; Whistle-blowing; Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO); Diversity Considerations; Labor Unions; privatization and outsourcing; Recruitment and selection methods; Compensation and benefit; performance management and development; and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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