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Corruption in Spain - Article Example

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This article talks about the situation with Princess Cristina de Borbon, sister of Spain’s King and a former board member of Noos institute, who is accused of collaborating with her husband who was the chair of Noos Institute and is also facing embezzlement and fraud charges…
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Corruption in Spain
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Extract of sample "Corruption in Spain"

Corruption in Spain Corruption in Spain Princess Cristina de Borbon, sister to Spain’s King is currently facingcharges of tax evasion and money laundering. She was a former board member of Noos institute, which is a charitable organization run by her husband Urdangarin Inaki1. She is accused of collaborating with her husband who was the chair of Noos Institute. The criminal trial case is fixated on Cristina’s husband who is also facing embezzlement and fraud charges.
It is alleged that her husband and his business partner used the consultancy and organization of tourism and sports banner together with their connections to obtain public contracts, which they overcharged. They stowed away the money in offshore accounts and other privately owned companies. Between 2003 and 2006, Urdangarin and Diego Torres, his former partner siphoned millions through Noor. In addition, it is alleged that Urdangarin and Christina used their company Aizoon to launder funds from their government2. They obtained lucrative public contracts without bidding but used their royal connections to do so
Her silence involvement comes from the fact that she was a board member of Noor and a co owner of Aizoon, a private company which she jointly owned with her husband therefore there is no way that Urdangarin would have committed the alleged crime without her knowledge. Similarly, Aizoon has the history of constantly changing its legal domicile. This together with the numerous links that it has with Noos is not a coincidence. The case is historic not only for Spain as a country, but also for the entire Europe as it stresses the respect for and the independence of Spain’s judicial system.
Minder, Raphael. Princess Cristina of Spain Is Charged in Corruption Case. New York Times,
June 25, 2014. Accessed July 3rd 2014 Read More
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