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The Personal and Professional Characteristics of a Successful Global Leader - Article Example

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This document explores what makes someone a leader, what does it mean and what pains it takes to be a global leader. The main premise of this article is what features of character and professional skills are necessary to become a successful global leader…
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The Personal and Professional Characteristics of a Successful Global Leader
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Extract of sample "The Personal and Professional Characteristics of a Successful Global Leader"

Download file to see previous pages In modern life, the concepts of leader and success have become synonyms. Every person who made a decision to begin the path to success has to turn into the leader himself or herself at the beginning of this way and realize who exactly is a leader. Without this, any undertaking will come to an end with failure. However, a global leader is a person who can take a reasonable view of the international situations and successfully provide the management of people who are dissimilar to the leader and from one another and have different cultural backgrounds, with diverse legislative structure and economic systems. Caligiuri, Welch, Achua, Spreitzer, McCall, Mahone, Lussier give a clear stand on what is the leadership and who is a leader. To understand how to become a leader and what to do for that it is necessary to learn all their opinions and suggestions.
It is a big responsibility to assume the leadership and guide people in fact rather than in word. A successful global leader has many targets. Global leaders are defined as executives who are in jobs with some international scope. Global leaders expand the business into foreign markets, conceive strategies on a global basis, manage and motivate. (Spreitzer, McCall, & Mahoney, 1997). A global leader works with people all around the world.
First of all, a leader is a person who knows how to control, motivate and direct not only other people but also his or her own efforts towards the achievement of goals and the solution of problems. Naturally, the simple desire is not enough: a person with such a wish, has to have some unique characteristic features, otherwise, the failure is inevitable. If the person is incapable to be self-motivated, to set tasks and solve them, how can he or she expect an excellent performance of duties from employees? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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