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Staffing Process - Case Study Example

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The company focuses on the production of trucks based on the satisfaction of the customers used for specialty purpose i.e. snow removal and military cargo hauling. The company produces the trucks based on the orders…
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Staffing Process
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Extract of sample "Staffing Process"

Staffing process Organization product Russ All Company a Manufacture Company of custom built trucks. The company focuses on the production of trucks based on the satisfaction of the customers used for specialty purpose i.e. snow removal and military cargo hauling. The company produces the trucks based on the orders receiving at least 30- 50 trucks per month with 165 assemblers reporting to 10 managers who report to the overall manager. Staffing function is based on job posting and walks-in. Applicants complete application forms and is interviewed by the human resource-staffing specialist before final selection decisions are made (Gong, 2003).
Jobholder’s title for the chosen job
The jobholder contacted is the organization staffing coordinator. Staffing coordinators are very essential for the staffing needs of any organization to find quality employees.
Task performed
The main role of the staffing coordinator entails the presentation of the best employees to the managers for review ensuring that the right personnel is selected for a particular job. Finding the appropriate personnel for a task is a monumental task that needs extensive knowledge of the industry and resources to elicit the expected results. The coordinator is tasked with the responsibility of setting up interviews with the personnel as well as conducting reference and background checks. Other roles include making staff schedules, handling staffing emergencies, scheduling vacation times for the employees, ensuring employee and customer satisfaction as well as being involved in training and employees orientation. KSAOs skills include having organizational skills, human resource planning knowledge, interpersonal and analytical skills, as well as consultative and problem-solving skills. With this in mind, coordinators ought to be referred to as recruiters, retention specialist as well as managers (Cascio & Aguinis, 2008).
Effective reward systems are important to ensure that the organization is competitive, retains its employees thus reduce the employee’s turnover. It the source of motivation and enhances the organization brand name (Gong, 2003).
Intrinsic rewards
Extrinsic rewards
Job enrichment and development opportunities
Good monthly salary ;$7,000
Task significance
Merit increase of 2-5 percent annually
Job autonomy
Pension and Health insurance benefit
Appreciation rewards
Unique characteristics
Individuals in this position are considered part of the management team since the coordinating is responsible for the staffing needs of the organization. Managers ought to trust their work to interview the candidates and make hiring decisions. Therefore, the coordinator needs to have a strong attention to details as well a good communication and computer skills. They also need to be flexible and patient since they help shape employees careers.
Evaluating staffing process
The yield ratios (offer receivers/applicants, new hires/applicants), time lapse (days-to-offer, days-to-start), and retention rates associated with each recruitment source.
Employee referrals
Newspapers ads
Employment agency
Offer-Rec/APP= 50 percent
Offer-Rec/APP= 23.3 percent
Offer-Rec/APP= 5 percent
New hire/App= 50 percent
New hire/App= 16.7 percent
New hire/App= 5 percent
Days to offer= 10
Days to offer= 30
Days to offer= 20
Days to start= 10
Days to start= 10
Days to start= 10
Retention= 90 percent
Retention= 70 percent
Retention= 40 percent
Effective of the recruitment sources in terms of retention rates, yields ratio and cycle times
For cycle days, days to start and offer ratios, the order of the recruitment process is from the highest to the least effectiveness. I.e. employee’s referral followed by the employment agency and newspaper recruitment methods. Employee referral has the least days to start as well as offer.
For the retention rates, the order of the recruitment is from high to low i.e. employee referrals, the newspaper advertisements and employment agency last.
For the yields ratio, the order is from the highest to the least effectiveness. I.e. employee referrals, the newspaper advertisements and employment agency last. The employee’s referral has the highest ratio of all in terms of the offer/applicants as well as hires/applicants (To, 2004).
Reasons why the sources differ in relative effectiveness
The employee referrals proved the best method of recruitment in terms of retention ratios, yields rates and cycle period. This is due to the understanding of the organization, it scope, culture as well as job requirements by current employees. Thus, they recommend individuals they know will be fit for the job and organizational culture. Employee referral is the most successful method. The newspaper and employment agency methods ought to generate a big number of applicants due to their broadness in terms of exposure and extensive database. The individuals apply for a job only to become the candidate with no real screening taking place.
Dexter ought to continue evaluating the staffing process regularly for the future for identification of essential trends. It is also important to calculate the yields and retention rates beyond six months for the organization as well as incorporate other functions of the staffing process to ensure retainment of workforce and create effectiveness. The most essential product of an organization is the human resource involving human resource planning, recruitment, selection, orientation and induction, training and development, conducting performance appraisal and transfer and separation of staff (Cascio & Aguinis, 2008).
Cascio, W. F., & Aguinis, H. (2008). 3 Staffing Twenty‐first‐century Organizations. The Academy of Management Annals.
Gong, Y. (2003). Toward a dynamic process model of staffing composition and subsidiary outcomes in multinational enterprises. Journal of Management.
To, I. M. E. (2004). Effective Organizations Beyond Cost-per-Hire and Time to Fill : Supply-Chain Measurement for Staffing. Measurement, 6. Read More
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