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Apply Strategical Frame Works and Strategies - Essay Example

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founded by Steve Jobs is one of the largest consumer electronics companies of the world with its headquarters located in California. Apple is also the second largest information technology company of the world after Samsung in terms of revenue. It is the third largest…
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Apply Strategical Frame Works and Strategies
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Extract of sample "Apply Strategical Frame Works and Strategies"

Download file to see previous pages Apple has huge brand image and immense popularity in the global markets. The smashing success of the company came with the introduction of iPod. This helped the company to take the music industry by surprise. Apple’s products are considered to be of superior technology and highly trendy by most consumers, and therefore the company has been enjoying high sales since its inception (Shafiqhamsi, 2011).
The tremendous success and growth of Apple in the US in the late 1970s made the company develop strategies of expansion. Apple wanted to primarily venture into the markets of Europe and Japan. Apple is a huge success in the Japanese markets at present. Initially due to lack of distribution and non-localization of the company in the Japanese market, the company was seen to sell its products at a very high price. As a result, very few consumers could afford buying the products of Apple. Corporate arrogance also had a negative impact upon Apple’s entry into Japan. As a result, the company’s first attempt of entering the Japanese market was a failure. By the 1980s Apple had decided to become more committed to developing its market in Japan. The company increased its efforts towards localizing its products. Apple expanded its distributor network in Japan and took steps for increasing brand awareness. By 1999 the launch of the new iMac and iBook had helped Apple to gain immense popularity in the Japanese market. The company was also seen to capture almost 23% of the market share. Soon Apple established itself as a strong player in the Japanese consumer electronics market. The Apple craze of the US soon captured Japan too. In 2004, almost 1,500 people in Tokyo and 2,500 people in Osaka lined up in front of the Apple stores in demand for the new iPod mini. The supply of the iPod mini was lesser than the demand. Japanese consumers were of the opinion that the iPod mini was an ideal product for them. They consider that the product is of high utility, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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