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How Congress Affects Todays Public Manager - Research Paper Example

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The researcher of this research paper states that the public manager is one of the most crucial instruments of legislative implementation; reform movements are captured by the members of this profession and so our objectives and ideas envisaged by the legislature…
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How Congress Affects Todays Public Manager
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Extract of sample "How Congress Affects Todays Public Manager"

Download file to see previous pages US central government has been smaller than most other governments; however, this does not in any way mean that they are still not strongly associated with Congress. Congress’ objectives are largely represented by policies and legislation, but most of them are implemented by the public sector where the public manager belongs. Therefore, members of this provision are implementers of decisions or ideas envisioned by lawmakers; they are instruments of reform and progress in the sector. The legislative arm of the government has the desire to make public administration systems more effective and efficient. It is for this reason that it may introduce policies and laws designed to achieve this goal.
Currently, new public reform, based on neoliberalism or market economies has been implemented in the US and several other European countries with varied reactions. In the US, managers in the public sector are expected to cut down on bureaucratic coordination and instead adopt market competition or coordination as they carry out their duties. Most elected representatives aim at minimizing government expenditure, and a number of them believe that the reform movement of the day (neoliberalism) can help them achieve this. Therefore, Congress’s convictions and aims affect how public managers carry out their work as they are expected to share these objectives, as well.
Provision of quality public services is seen as something desirable by the legislative arm and the public manager’s job is how these abstract ideas can be actualized (Pollitt & Bouckaert, 2000). In essence, some advocates in the legislature believe that reduction in government growth is a positive attribute as this allows it to work within its financial limits. Public managers are in charge of actual spending within various federal agencies, so they are expected to make reasonable discretions when doing their work. The neoliberal reform movement currently implies a move towards privatization rather than too much dependence on government institutions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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