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Municipal Solid Waste Management in Beijing - Assignment Example

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One of the significant findings presented in this article “Municipal Solid Waste Management in Beijing” is that the population increase in Beijing has led to the increase of municipal solid waste. Another finding is that economic development has a positive relationship with the municipal solid waste…
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Municipal Solid Waste Management in Beijing
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Extract of sample "Municipal Solid Waste Management in Beijing"

Municipal Solid Waste Management in Beijing
One of the significant findings presented in this article is that the population increase in Beijing has led to the increase of municipal solid waste. Another finding is that economic development has a positive relationship with the municipal solid waste. A final significant finding is that the food waste component has increased with time (Wang & Wang 69).
The study is well planned and organized with distinct parts that show the important sections of the article. The results and discussion section is exhaustive but the materials and methods is wanting because it does not articulate how all the data was collected. The challenges section of the article is insightful more so because it contains suggestions that can help surmount the challenges (Wang & Wang 71).
The data that the ash waste component is high I rural areas is valuable because it indicates that the rural areas are still depending on nonrenewable sources of energy. The data on the impact of moisture content on the real calorific value of municipal solid waste is noteworthy as it explains why waste incineration is less effective. The article adds onto the existing knowledge by including data that shows that rejection of municipal solid waste management by community members is an important impediment because community members are a key stakeholder in the endeavor (Wang & Wang 71).
I agree with the conclusion that economic development leads to increase in municipal solid waste. This is because economic development gives people affordability and this subsequently increases the waste products that come from the things they buy. The increase in food and paper waste component in municipal solid waste is proof of the effect of economic development especially in the urban areas (Wang & Wang 71).

Work Cited
Wang, Hao & Wang, Chunmei. Municipal solid waste management in Beijing: characteristics and challenges. Waste Management & Research, 2013, 31(1): 67 – 72. Print. Read More
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