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They are the most used method of waste disposal and waste management. These waste materials are usually confined in a small area then compacted to a manageable volume and lastly buried deep under the…
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Unit II Solid Waste Impact
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UNIT II: SOLID WASTE IMPACT and Number of A landfill is a site developed for disposing of waste material by burying. They are the most used method of waste disposal and waste management. These waste materials are usually confined in a small area then compacted to a manageable volume and lastly buried deep under the soil. It is well known that landfills have adverse impacts such as damage to roads. The municipal council will be designed and monitored to comply with federal policy on construction of landfills. The waste collected by municipal council is usually household waste. This waste is non-hazardous and so easily manageable. Solid materials such as home appliances will be collected and set aside from recycling (U.S Environmental Protection Agency, 2014).
The municipal council’s landfill needs to be located in an area with less human and industrial activity. A confined area near the edge of the national park is the best option for establishing the landfill. This is because there is less human activity in that area, and so there will be less air pollution. The area will be fenced off from wild animals that may wander into the landfill and feed on the waste materials and far away from a water source (National Park Service, 2014). During my survey I learnt that during the weekdays very few people visit the national park. The number increases on the weekends when people are resting. The municipal council decided that the landfill will operate only on weekdays when there is less human activity around the park.
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Unit II Solid Waste Impact Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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