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In the paper “The Collection of Solid Waste” the author analyzes the various categories of solid wastes, which include municipal wastes, hazardous wastes, and industrial wastes. If not discarded, solid wastes may have adverse effects on the environment where people and animals live…
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The Collection of Solid Waste
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The Collection of Solid Waste
According to Anand (2010), solid waste encompasses all wastes that emanate from the activities of human beings, as well as animals. Primarily, these wastes are solid in nature, and they are discarded since people consider them as unwanted and of no use. The various categories of solid wastes include municipal wastes, hazardous wastes, and industrial wastes. If not discarded, solid wastes may have adverse effects on the environment where people and animals live. For instance, solid wastes have environmental impacts such as pollution. The main objectives of solid waste collection include enhancing economic development, ensuring environmental sustainability, ensuring health and safety of citizens as well as maintaining the beauty of the area.
Hosetti (2006) asserts that there are several methods that can be applied in the collection of solid waste. One of the methods used in the collection of solid waste is curbside collection, which entails the placing of closed containers on the roadside. Solid waste is put inside the containers; upon emptying, the containers are returned to the point from where those collecting the solid wastes had picked them. Another method used in the collection of solid waste includes handcart collection. This entails a system of curbside collection; city, as well as municipal workers, collect waste stored in bags of waste, containers, or collect them from the residents directly. The handcarts then transfer their loads to a compactor, lorry, or tractor after which the waste can be transported to the site of disposal.
The collection of solid waste can also be carried out using public bin collection, where people may carry the garbage to a bin made of concrete. People discharge the solid waste using closed containers for disposing wastes; these containers may include plastic bags. Stationery trailers may also be used for the collection and disposition of solid waste. In this case, a trailer may be parked at a certain location in some days, and people go and discharge the waste they have into the trailer. Solid waste can also be collected through the use of dumpster collection. This involves a situation whereby waste may be transferred either by means of forklift or through hydraulic means to the collection vehicle (Anand, 2010).
Solid waste may also be collected through repair and reuse, a situation that entails the refurbishment of items such as bedding, toys, and clothing. Materials that might become solid wastes or have already become waste can also be collected through recycle and new product feedstock. The materials undergo the processes of sorting and processing for the purpose of manufacturing new products. The solid waste creates new products upon recycling and these reduce the wastage and misuse of virgin resources. The collection of solid waste can also take place through such processes as mulch and compost. This details the decomposition of solid waste, which may include yard trimmings and food scraps. After decomposition, these solid organic wastes produce soil additives and natural fertilizers, which can be used to carry out crop farming (Hosetti, 2006).
Anand, S. (2010). Solid Waste Management. Washington, D.C.: Mittal Publications.
Hosetti, B. B. (2006). Prospects and Perspective of Solid Waste Management. New York: New Age International. Read More
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The Collection of Solid Waste Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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