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Describe The Future of Employee Training and Development - Essay Example

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The transformations taking place in the activities, ways of operating, communication and information transfer across organizations and industries have started a…
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Describe The Future of Employee Training and Development
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Extract of sample "Describe The Future of Employee Training and Development"

Download file to see previous pages Investing in the employees is considered to be the best investment on the part of the modern organizations.
The increasing levels of competition and sustainability issues in the business environments have created a pressing need for companies to manage their assets well. The human resources in an organization are the most valuable resources. Investing in the human resources is seen as a profitable investment with massive returns in terms of organizational improvement, value creation and competitive advantage creation. Learning is a process by which the employees gather information and use this information in their daily job roles. This often leads to the overall development of the employees in terms of skills and knowledge. Many businesses are focusing on developing talent pools within the organizations to ensure efficiency and competitive advantage of their businesses.
The future trends of employee learning and development are expected to be innovative and dramatically different from the conventional ways of training and development. One of the main trends expected to play a dominant role in the future of employee learning and development is that learning will assume a central role and evolve beyond mere training and development practices. In the present situation, training is seen as a main medium of imparting knowledge to the employees with the training instructor playing an influential role as the center of all information. This involves a traditional classroom setting. However, it is expected that in the future, the role of the employees would be more established in the training settings with the employees emerging as the seekers of information and knowledge (Wilson, 2005). The focus would be on the employees trying to tap in various resources to satisfy their learning and development needs.
The employee training processes are likely to become blended in the future which will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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