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MGT paper - Essay Example

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This ensures that the work, effort or input contributed by workers produces positive results. Further, a white collar job as defined in any setting entails…
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MGT paper
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Download file to see previous pages White collar jobs emphasizes professionalism in that, a person work in the field where he or she has the knowledge, skills and experience. In a white collar work setting, it is possible for workers to work in any area they prefer, but work is dictated by a person’s training in a particular career field (Hoop and Wolzansky 64).
Since white collar workers do their job in an office setting, their productivity can be measured in a number of ways. First, the productivity of white collar workers can be measured by assessing worker engagement. Worker engagement refers to the interest that workers have in the various task that they are delegated in the office. Where the workers are dissatisfied with their working environment, they tend to shirk thus affecting the productivity of the company in terms of reaching the established goals. Worker involvement can be used to measure productivity in that, where workers are happy with their work environment, their involvement increases and this in turn, increases performance and productivity of the company. On the other hand, innovativeness and creativity can also be used to measure the productivity of white collar workers. An innovative pool of workers means that a company is able to improve its productivity and gain a competitive edge over similar companies with regard to the market share. However, a lack of innovativeness or creativity among workers means that the productivity of the company is also affected (Hoop and Wolzansky 68).
Team work is also a tool to measure the productivity of white collar workers. This is because, in a group, it is easier to notice the input of every member in terms of contributions made by each member. This helps the team leader to assess the talent or ability of each group member in improving a company’s productivity. Employee turnover is also a way of measuring the productivity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MGT Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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