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Management practices of planning, staffing, leading, organizing, and controlling implemented in the workplace - Term Paper Example

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As a fact, the management is responsible for the wellbeing of its employees and stakeholders. When the management is apt in its functions, it will record a greater performance, as it optimizes the…
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Management practices of planning, staffing, leading, organizing, and controlling implemented in the workplace
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Extract of sample "Management practices of planning, staffing, leading, organizing, and controlling implemented in the workplace"

Download file to see previous pages After noting the vital aspects of each management staff, the stakeholders find it appropriate to engage the qualified personnel in running a firm. Similarly, the selected employees to manage the organization have to be experienced, motivated and focused individuals (Hannagan and Bennett, 2008). If this is not done, the stakeholders may run into losses, as the coordination of all the management processes may not be functional. In many instances, the stakeholders engage both external and internal training to equip the management with vital knowledge. Through the training, the managers also acquire ample skills to help in coordinating the management practices. In essence, the Management practices of planning, staffing, leading, organizing, and controlling in an organization are vital, as they have direct effect on the [performance of the organization.
To begin with, the first management practice that has an effect on the performance of an organization is planning. Planning involves forecasting on various aspects that may affect the sustainability of the firm. First, the planning process involves forecasting on the intended expenditure of the form. Firms have to make allocations in concern to their expenditure, probably for a whole year. As such, they have to involve all the accountants and financial managers who reiterate the proposed expenditure for the firm. Secondly, the firm has to plan for the proposed expansion plans in ensuring the firm is improving its market niche (Leonard, 2013). For instance, in my previous work place, planning for investments in new markets was an approach that enhanced the market niche of the company. This is especially due to the nature of the products, which are highly needed in new markets. Since the company deals in technological appliances, finding new markets is appropriate for business sustainability. Thirdly, the management should involve planners, especially in concern to unforeseen circumstances. At times, the unforeseen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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