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Critically analyses the role of Resources Manager in Our Business Plan - Essay Example

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The main objective of starting up this gym in the specific location is to provide superior quality service to all their clients so that they can achieve a strong market position and also try to…
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Critically analyses the role of Resources Manager in Our Business Plan
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Extract of sample "Critically analyses the role of Resources Manager in Our Business Plan"

Download file to see previous pages nt of the gym and even their staffs is to provide a customer friendly atmosphere so as to retain their customer base as well acquire new ones through reference of these customers. The business plan of this gym takes into consideration the diverse culture base and different opinions and ideas of people. The plan even encompasses promoting more of environmental awareness and offers services such that it can help the community as well as protects the nature. The businesses aims at providing efficient gym services to all community members at a much cheaper rate and even expand its business operations outside the region where it plans to operate currently. The mission of the gym is to provide services as well as products that can improve upon the level of mental relaxation and also physical fitness of their client base so as to promote a positive living in the region which is already facing obesity and various health issues. The plan aims at acquiring various sources of funds and handling all its resources effectively so that it can provide the best quality services as it not only provides gym services but also provides healthy food and yoga classes for its clients. As a resource manager there are several duties that need to be performed effectively so that all of the resources are well aligned with the business operations. There are various categories of duties firstly is to analyze whether the financial resources that are needed for the business is in sufficient capacity and if it is there then to take proactive measures so that there is availability of additional funds whenever there is a turmoil in the business. The second function is of HR planning to ensure that all of the HR activities such recruitment, retention, training programs, performance appraisal etc., are aligned to the goal of the company and the best of staff members are a part of the team so that quality services can be offered to the customers. The next function is that of design and acquisition of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Critically Analyses the Role of Resources Manager in Our Business Plan Essay)
Critically Analyses the Role of Resources Manager in Our Business Plan Essay.
“Critically Analyses the Role of Resources Manager in Our Business Plan Essay”, n.d.
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