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Affirmative Action in Anti-discrimination Law and Policy - Essay Example

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The essay under the title "Affirmative Action in Anti-discrimination Law and Policy" states that EEO and AA can be considered as an important element in human resource management practices. This essay will discuss in favor of the following thesis statement. …
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Affirmative Action in Anti-discrimination Law and Policy
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Extract of sample "Affirmative Action in Anti-discrimination Law and Policy"

Employees can be considered as important assets for an organization. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the employers to maintain good relations with each and every employee in an organization in order to maintain business ethics (Burstein, 2004). Equal employment opportunity helps an organization to prohibit employment discrimination in the workplace. It actually helps an organization to maintain good relations with its important external and internal stakeholders (Leiter, 2012). As a result, it helps the organization to develop a strong and high brand image.
Affirmative action can help an organization to take necessary actions against discrimination. Effective affirmative action helps an organization to ensure equal employment opportunities for each and every employee. It ensures effective training and development programs, transparent performance appraisal, and equal compensation distribution for each and every employee. It benefits organizations in several ways. First of all, it helps to reduce the possibility of challenges like employee poaching (Truesdell, 2003). Last but not the least; it influences several key stakeholders to take an interest in the business operation process of an organization.
Effective EEO and AA help an organization to overcome the possibilities of several types of workplace discrimination as it helps to ensure equal opportunities for each and every capable employee. It actually helps to motivate employees to perform effectively. Read More
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