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Strategy: Choice and Impact - Essay Example

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The theory aims to give an understanding of the systems’ behavior and structure. Complex systems are characterized by emergent behaviors that result from the interaction of their components. It is for such a…
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Strategy: Choice and Impact
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Extract of sample "Strategy: Choice and Impact"

Complexity Theory Complexity Theory Complexity theory involves the study and analysis of complex systems. The theory aims to give an understanding of the systems’ behavior and structure. Complex systems are characterized by emergent behaviors that result from the interaction of their components. It is for such a reason that complex systems cannot be separated without losing their identity and purpose. Complexity theory is the core of what and how systems are today. Complexity theory has many applications in modern life because the world systems are all dynamic and complex. The systems become complex with the passage of time (Curlee & Gordon 2011).
Complex systems exhibit self-organization and hierarchy that results from the changing interactions of their components. The statement suggests that different scales characterize complex systems and can be studied by positioning oneself among the levels. In the complex theory, complex systems change with time and any changes on its parameters yields chaotic behaviors (Litche, Lisack & Schultz 2011). In the early years, different brands of vehicles were being manufactured. Their make, ranging from the engine to the tires, are completely different from today’s vehicle models. The components and parts have been configured over the years to give rise to the modern Toyota and Prado car models. The complex theory is suitable since technological advances are being used more today than in the 1960s. People need to configure all that they use to their comfort and desire. In achieving the comfort, systems components have to be reorganized to characterize the current level of technology. In the 1960, most of the technologies that are present today were absent and as such, complex theory could have contributed less to what was happening (Norgerg & Cumming 2008).
The evolution of the different parts of the complexity theory depends heavily on the computing powers. The ability to handle complex and elaborate simulations of changing behaviors has improved due to the low costs of computing. It then means that the success of natural sciences has been accumulating since 1960s, and as such, a complex theory may have been of little use in the early times (Scharnhorst 2012).
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Scharnhorst, A. 2012. Models of science dynamics encounters between complexity theory and information sciences, Springer, Berlin. Read More
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(Strategy: Choice and Impact Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Strategy: Choice and Impact Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Strategy: Choice and Impact Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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