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HRM cast study - Essay Example

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As a way of improving the declining performance of Random Alloys Ltd, the new Managing Director, Ralph Burton, decided to adopt a new strategy for the company. The strategy is drawn from two major objectives that entail maintaining the current business plan of manufacturing…
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HRM cast study
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Extract of sample "HRM cast study"

HRM Case Study on Random Alloys Limited Introduction As a way of improving the declining performance of Random Alloys Ltd, the new Managing Director, Ralph Burton, decided to adopt a new strategy for the company. The strategy is drawn from two major objectives that entail maintaining the current business plan of manufacturing alloys while increasing products quality and reducing the errors addressed by the Lean Manufacturing Process. The second objective will see the company specialize in alloys for the centre of market they are re-entering. Although the strategy can serve to improve the company’s performance, several areas can prevent the successful delivery of the new strategy.
Aspects that might hinder the successful delivery of the strategy
One of the aspects that will hinder the successful delivery of Ralph’s strategy is his father’s influence on management of the business. As seen from his management of the company, William always likes his ideas implemented. From the information provided, Ralph fears that his father might object the strategy. Putting into consideration the powerful position he holds, that of the chair to the company, William’s objection of the strategy will be effective on the level of its success.
Another area that might hinder the delivery of this strategy is the role of the staff in the formulation of the strategy. A successful strategy should be drawn from the many decisions made by staff members over a period of time (Epstein 2004, p.24). Once compiled, this strategy will reflect the views of the staff. Considering that it is the same staffs that will be expected to implement it, the level of success of such a strategy will be expected to be high should they be involved in strategy formulation. This is not the case, however, with the strategy adopted by Random Alloys. The managing director, without incorporating all staff members, formulated the strategy. As indicated by the members of staff in their remarks in the questionnaires, there is a feeling among staff members that they are not included in any changes made in the company. The staff are only included when the changes are happening.
Lack of a clear flow of information within the company can also hinder the level of success of its delivery (Alston & Bryson 2013, p.145). Currently, Random Alloys lacks a defined formula through which information is communicated to members of staff. This leaves staff members looking for information they need from only those they know in the various offices. Lack of clarity on who gathers and provides information within the company will translate to misunderstandings during the implementation of the strategy (Kourdi 2009, p.88). As can be observed from the remarks from staff members, there is not only lack of a clear flow of information in the company but also a complete lack of this information at times. Staff members are at times left without knowledge of the plans adopted by the company.
Several areas exist that if not corrected in time will hinder the successful delivery of the strategy adopted by Random Alloys Ltd. These need to be addressed in order for this strategy to be successful. Addressing them will ensure a common goal among all staff in the company and that is ensuring that the strategy serves to improve the performance of the company.
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HRM Cast Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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