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Management project - Research Paper Example

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The society accepts donations from many legal organizations, celebrities and other public image personalities to fund their activities (Edbermac, 2007). The exotic dancers donated funds towards the society in 2006 where the…
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Management project
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Extract of sample "Management project"

CANADA BREAST CANCER Question Why the Breast cancer society in Canada accepted money from exotic dancers in 2006 The society helps women suffering from breast cancer. The society accepts donations from many legal organizations, celebrities and other public image personalities to fund their activities (Edbermac, 2007). The exotic dancers donated funds towards the society in 2006 where the society accepted the donation. Canada had a special way of categorizing the exotic dancers through immigration to ensure they never lacked the dancers in the country. The Breast Cancer Society accepted the donation from the group in 2006. The society executive director, Rany Xanothopoulo urged that any woman could get breast cancer regardless of their occupation. This however, never changed how other charity organizations viewed the group even though exotic dance is a legal profession (Edbermac, 2007).
Question 2
Why the breast cancer society rejected the fundraised money from the group of exotic dancers in Vancouver
The exotic dancers hold an annual event to raise funds to donate to the charity societies. The groups hold the event in remembrance of their former dancer who died due to breast cancer (Edbermac, 2007). Trina Rickettes, the former dancer had said a mail sent notified her that the society declined to collect that years’ donation (Edbermac, 2007). The society pointed out that its major donors never approved the connection to the exotic dancers. The group fells discriminated due to rejection of donations done to help the cancer-affected patients in the society. Many organizations view the dancers as strippers hence prostitutes and they term their earning as dirty money (Edbermac, 2007). Charity organizations fear to associate with the exotic dancers unless the group agreed to be anonymous. The raised money end up in less discriminating charity organizations and the organizations benefits from the thousands of dollars from the exotic dancers (Edbermac, 2007).

Edbermac. (2007, February 07). Breast Cancer Society rejects donation from exotic dancers. Retrieved may sunday, 2014, from democratic underground: Read More
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