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All projects are expected to realise a certain Value - Essay Example

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The initiative by the Local Authority (LA) to develop a home for them is a value generating initiative that will help promote the quality of life for them while…
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All projects are expected to realise a certain Value
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Extract of sample "All projects are expected to realise a certain Value"

Download file to see previous pages Taking care of the elderly on an individual or family perspective can be a daunting task hence predisposing the elderly to lower quality of care. The LA project is therefore expected to generate value to the stakeholders such as the construction workers, the government, the families of the elderly, and the general population well-being in general.
The family is one of the greatest beneficiaries that tap the benefit of having the elderly among them be taken care of. The challenge of caregiving among the elderly is demonstrated by the costs, energy, and the time taken with the elderly. These three important components can be used in other activities when there is a specialized care that is centralized by the LA. In essence, the elderly gets to have quality care while the family is less involved in the care. This means that they are able to tap insurmountable value from the establishment. The value in the family is also enhanced by the view that little effort is required in looking at the interest of the elderly among them. The LA home environment also adds value to the elderly by making them interact with others and hence have their view of life from the elderly perspective. The chances of the elderly being mistreated will be expected to be minimized since they are kept way from the family members and other caregivers that can easily mistreat them. In addition, the services that is provided in some home settings are poor or inadequate for the wellbeing of the elderly. This means that the elderly get to get quality care from the LA facility.
The establishment of the LA project generates value to the constructors that tap a number of related benefits. Though indirectly related to caregiving for the elderly, the construction of the project will require contractors that will be paid in order to develop the project, these will further require suppliers and employees. All these stakeholders among ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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