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Expanding Product Offerings and Quality - Essay Example

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Customer only develops a brand loyalty one they are satisfied by the brand will further help the company promote the brand even without payment (Hochman, 2010, p. 167). This…
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Expanding Product Offerings and Quality
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Extract of sample "Expanding Product Offerings and Quality"

Satisfaction Satisfaction Introduction Business success is solely embedded in s post purchases satisfaction of a particular commodity. Customer only develops a brand loyalty one they are satisfied by the brand will further help the company promote the brand even without payment (Hochman, 2010, p. 167). This call for the need to critically, on a daily basis keep pace with market trends and the competitor’s strategies and make rational decision to either attack or collide that incorporates the consumers brand perception. Change therefore can be undertaken in the manner activities are being done or accomplished.
Need to implement change
Change occurs based on the fluctuation in the market due to innovations on new ways of doing things. It can also be based on the actions of the competitors for substitute products which may change customer loyalty. This may result from reduced sudden decline in sales.
Determination of areas of change
Pay a closer look at the customer’s feedback against the brand. Check on the activities of your competitors in terms of their blending, grading and sorting. Check on the marketing trends and the promotional feedbacks.
Strategies to voice out customers need
Conducts a post purchase analysis probing the customers about their level of brand satisfaction and strictly implement their complaints.
Preferred brand/company
My preferred company is the Apple with its iPhone product as the preferred brand.
Attributes of the brand /company for loyalty
The most attribute of iPhone is its retina-display screen which has a higher screen resolution. Its high density pixel presents quality images and better text display. The phone’s curved font edges and the color combination attracts customers in various niches (Sander & Scott 2012). To this end, the phone has a higher contrast ratio with a combination of brighter white screen resolution and deeper In-Pane thus improving the brand’s viewing angle, a feature that its close substitute are far from reaching. It chemically hardened glass pane; ultra-durable and greatly resistant to any form of scratches.
The possession of the 3G internet enabled, music player, touch pads, glossy appearance and wide screen raises the attractiveness of the Apple’s product leaving no option but to purchase. Apple’s retail management appreciates the need for window display which is most appealing for the sale of iPhone product (Elliot, 2012, p.111). This draws the customers, promotes-slow moving items leading to better sales even during economic depressions. The window display approaches proves cost-effective and hence attributes further presents a further platform for special advertisement which translates into its sales.
Main brand attribute that would shift my loyalty
Changing the brand’s contrast ratio which has a combination of the brighter white screen resolution and deeper In-Pane will interfere with the brands viewing angle. Most loyal customers have been urged to buy this brand based on its contrast ration and will thus shift loyalty in case, it is changed.
The approach employed by the Apple brand in ensuring product compatibility in several niches and segments circumvent around proactive strategic planning at production level and delivery point (Hoyer & MacInnis, 2008, p. 122). Apple Company properly understands their customer needs based on tastes and their competitors and this explains their large sales.
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Hoyer, W. D. & MacInnis, D. J. (2008). Consumer behavior. Mason, OH: South-Western. Read More
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(Expanding Product Offerings and Quality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Expanding Product Offerings and Quality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Expanding Product Offerings and Quality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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