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CEO OF ABC FIRM - Coursework Example

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Being the most appropriate manager absorbed in this ancient manufacturing company, my esteem jurisdiction of role shall mainly be within the service provision and delivery. This company being the most famous of all the companies in the state, it is my esteem duty to ensure that,…
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Extract of sample "CEO OF ABC FIRM"

CEO of ABC Firm Being the most appropriate manager absorbed in this ancient manufacturing company, my esteem jurisdiction of role shall mainly be within the service provision and delivery. This company being the most famous of all the companies in the state, it is my esteem duty to ensure that, I transform the methods of production. These methods will remain archaic in the company so as to streamline the traditional policies that have bedeviled the reputation of the company amid the competitive business world (Armstrong 2012, p. 107). This will be the best platform of applying the bank of knowledge and experiences I hold in the management. Value exploration, creation and delivery shall be the most powerful tools of transformation that I am going to employ in the company. Value exploration shall majors its concern on the customer’s cognitive space about the products of the company. This investigative effort aims at discovering the trend of customers demand in the market in order to avoid delivering a product in the market that does not exist in the shopping list of the customers. Knowing the customers’ needs is vital for designing a product that shall be the only option in the market. This shall the company in producing items that are vibrant in the market.
Value addition entails identifying new customers and getting their views concerning the products of the company. This will ensure that, the company invests in producing items that the customers think about, want, does and require in order to capitalize over them as a way of winning their trust in the company (Ulrich 2013, p. 62). Value delivery is the most important step among the transformative efforts that shall be part of my plan. The mode of delivering the product to the market should ensure that, there is no hoarding in the market concerning the company’s’ products. The company shall invest in the infrastructure as a way ensuring proficiency of the company in the market arena. In so doing, the harmonious relationship that will crop up between the management and the customers will initiate a lasting relationship.
Among the changes that my office will effect are the old managerial methods being used in the company (Ulrich 2013, p. 91). The company heavily relying on traditional management methods will see a paradigm shift that will see the modern management and leadership methods put in place. Starting with the CEO of the company to the supervisors, I will ensure that changes on methods of running the company with modern scientific methods take place. The management methods greatly influence reputation of the company. The company is going to employ a lot of vigilance in recruiting her staff on which the reputation of the company shall rest upon.
Motivating the members of staff is another key method of revolutionizing the company. Remuneration and other fringes of benefits attached to members of staff shall be one of the issues that shall get primary consideration in the company. The members of staff deserve motivation in order to work very well. A pay rise to the company’s personnel will make them fully dedicate their mental and physical effort to the company. This is a key ingredient of success in the operation of the
Change being inevitable is very hard task to fulfill especially in an organizational set-up. Some of the issues that will get a setback are adjustment of the rates of remuneration and changing the management system in the company (Armstrong 2012, p. 72). A wage increment will inflate the company’s’ expenses hence reducing the profit margin of the shareholders. This will elicit mixed reactions among the shareholders who may view it negatively. Additionally, restructuring the management system of the company will mean demotion of some of the incompetent staff members who do not meet the threshold of modern corporate management issues. This will derail reforms of transition in the company, as resistance from many departments shall be a common phenomenon.
Ulrich, D. (2013). Human resource champions: The next agenda for adding value and delivering results. Harvard Business Press.
Armstrong, M. (2012). Armstrongs handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers. Read More
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CEO OF ABC FIRM Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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