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Team Cognition Development and Evolution - Assignment Example

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The author of this assignment "Team Cognition Development and Evolution" casts light on the principles of team building. According to the text, the Casino’s executive management considered the values of implementing team-building aspects, in their endeavor to improve customer services…
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Extract of sample "Team Cognition Development and Evolution"

Team Building and Improving Team Performances
Karli, James and Scout, in their article (2013), “Economic Validation for Performance Improvement Initiative Based on a Strategic Team Development Campaign” pose the question, “Can team development increase revenue?” Such was their study conducted at a selected major casino, and they endeavored to sample the impacts on creating teams in an organization to boost revenue. The Casino’s executive management considered the values of implementing team-building aspects, in their endeavor to improve customer services and overcome low customer turnout, owing to the low spending trends of the customers (Karli, James & Scout, 2013). Besides, owing to the numerous emerging and current casinos offering similar services, team building would aid significantly in creating a competitive advantage. This compelled the management to implement teamwork within all the departments of the casino, from the top management to the lowest ranks of housekeeping.
In this endeavor of team building, the management improved on creating team contracts. They also implemented clear team objectives, and significantly mulled over improving communication from the top management to the employees. In their survey, Karli, James and Scout considered the ownership of shared goals within a team (Karli, James & Scout, 2013). Individuals seemed to take up the team goals, and endeavored to accomplish these objectives. The authors also eliminated various inhibitors in the teams’ ability to achieve the set objectives. The implementation of the team within the casino was significant in increasing efficiency within the team, thereby making the casino increase its revenue significantly. In my perspective, the authors’ intention to assess teamwork and revenue boost was a success, owing to the appropriate survey models and selection of a case that considers the objectives of the study.
In another article, He, Brian and William, all Professors in the field of business, critically highlight the essence of team building in achieving diverse goals within an organization, as opposed single individuals. These individuals teamed up in writing the article, “Team Cognition: Development and Evolution in Software Project Teams.” The authors cite that team building is critical in overcoming time challenges and resource coordination. Additionally, owing to the characteristics of diverse software development projects being unstructured and sophisticated, it is significant to implement teamwork within such endeavors (He, Brian and William, 2010). Various software developments require the implementation of dissimilar amounts of knowledge. This deems the implementation of an individual’s knowledge appears to be insufficient in the accomplishment of such objectives.
The authors of the article consider a team to be an association of two or more individuals working together towards the achievement of a set objective. The authors highlight the power of team cognition in envisaging the likelihood of team effectiveness. However, studying team cognition has been marred significantly by conceptualizing and determining its constructs (He, Brian and William, 2010). Team cognition study is complex, owing to the diversity of the tasks and the involved environmental factors. As such, two aspects of team cognition include awareness of expertise location and shared task understandings are critical. Individuals within a team ought to be conscious of the members’ capabilities and clearly comprehend their various tasks in accomplishing set objectives.
Both articles critically appraise the significance of team building and conclude of its effectiveness in completion of diverse tasks. In my view, both articles provide well-informed appraisal of team building for effective task completion, and realization of organizations’ set objectives.
He, J., Butler, B., & King, W. (2010). Team Cognition: Development And Evolution In Software Project Teams. Journal of Management Information Systems, 24(2), 261-292.
Karli, P., James, R., & Scout, L. (2013). Economic Validation for Performance Improvement Initiative Based on a Strategic Team Development Campaign. Performance Improvement, 52(3), 28-36. Read More
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