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Global Communication Strategies - Essay Example

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Any company that wants to start operations in a foreign country will experience communication barriers. A company may experience changes in cultures when they start operations in a different country. The cultural…
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Global Communication Strategies
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Extract of sample "Global Communication Strategies"

Global Communication Strategies Different countries have their own communication strategies. Any company that wants to start operations in a foreign country will experience communication barriers. A company may experience changes in cultures when they start operations in a different country. The cultural barriers may make it hard for business operators to communicate. For example, there are scenarios where message signals in a given country are completely different from another country. It proves how international business operators face challenges (Beamish, 2003).
International business mainly faces communication challenges. Experts attribute these challenges to VUCA, which is, volatile, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. The company emphasises on global interactions by its employees. The employees should demonstrate they have the ability to interact with other foreign communities, and be able to understand their language. In addition, the company offers its employees with intercultural literature for the purpose of studies (Daniel, 1975).
The company often faces ethnocentrism barrier. It is hard for the employees to interact with other cultures because of the presence of individuals ethnocentrism. It is a belief that a persons culture is more superior to another. The barrier has prevented progression of interactions. In addition, the company is facing the barrier of intercultural communication apprehension. Majority of foreign cultures are anxious when it comes to anticipation of communication between people of different cultures. Those with higher apprehension are less likely to be sociable.
The company relied on various strategies to help sort the barriers. There are two strategies; push and pull. The company focused on pull strategy. The strategy advocates for a network approach. Experts argued that the push strategy was more hierarchical. In addition, the business is supporting the idea bridging different cultures. Pull strategy is the best to create a bridge. It will assist the business develop more customised goods and services that would serve all cultures (Bollier, 2006).
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Global Communication Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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