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List of possible risk - Essay Example

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The most serious jeopardies of damage to which the individuals involved in social research are exposed are breaches of confidentiality and the consequences which follow from these breaches. Also there is temporary upsets arising and possibility of embarrassments arising during…
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List of possible risk
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Extract of sample "List of possible risk"

List of Possible Risks Task The possible risks involved a survey about assessing how well both health and social care are functioning for NHS in the UK.
Non respondence
The most serious jeopardies of damage to which the individuals involved in social research are exposed are breaches of confidentiality and the consequences which follow from these breaches. Also there is temporary upsets arising and possibility of embarrassments arising during the survey questioning, the individual being questioned may not be readily willing to disclose some confidential information and through this the survey will not be effective since most of the very important information shall have been kept away (Marrett,2003). Some questions on sexuality and other sensitive behaviors may seem so trivial by comparison and of breach of confidentiality. This may also subject the respondent to severe loss of reputation since confidentiality and privacy being the reasons normally given by potential respondents for unwillingness to participate in such surveys.
This risk can easily be reduced by the members adherence to confidentiality of the survey responses and to make sure no information is leaked to irrelevant persons and in the long run will boost the confidence of the respondents to give all the information required. Also the computers used in storing the information are locked with passwords which are only accessible by the members only.
Data protection and loss:
Data and information security is high priority; this is due to the fact that this information is sometimes confidential. The risk of losing or unprotect the data will mean losing the survey and could lead to the share of the information to a third party. Even after carefully planning and survey administration, problems do take place leading to a data which is not sufficiently valid and reliable. Insufficient measures for keeping data, as in computer information systems also result in loss and alteration of data. (Marrett, 2003). Data can also be lost during the analysis, processing and reporting of data information through incorrect transfer of data in the database, this can therefore by use of any kind of backups on the computers used and also by using cloud computing.
Data loss through members of the team can also be prevented by the team administering an oath of allegiances, this will make the members to be more careful on the kind of information they share from the survey. (Marrett, 2003).
Reliability, validity and significant
For a survey to give a consistent, relevant and sound evident, the information it provides must be both valid and relevant to the purpose. For the survey to be reliable, all the measurements must be consistent from one individual to the other involved in the survey at different times and across all settings. The legitimacy of the survey relies on the extent of relevance of the information to the conclusion drawn and the level of accuracy and competency to support the conclusion.
Reliability involves the use of standardized survey procedures and information collection instruments that are designed to increase consistency (Marrett, 2003). This involves careful planning to make sure the information is definitely related to the objectives. Accuracy of the data: It is not always guaranteed that the correct or accurate information or data can be gained from samples, even though the right individuals were targeted. This is due to many causes including: some people might have their own personal feelings or unrealistic viewpoints, other reason could be some people are pre judgmental, and also, there could be a lack of the interest or misunderstanding of the questionnaires.
Error as a source of bias
Errors in a survey which involves inaccuracies or missing information which may arise at various stages during collection, processing, maintenance and reporting of data information and most of these errors are normally due to poor reliability and validity. During data collected maybe incorrectly recorded e.g. recording information provided by the respondent may be recorded. There is never a survey data which is completely free from error but for the survey to be more reliable and valid, then the information should not contain any significant error. Bias is also an error caused by systematic sources and for this reason it leads to incorrect conclusion.
Though error cannot be completely eliminated, it can only be reduced to a lower level by the use of standardized collection instruments, use of appropriate design and sampling procedures and also through data verification and use of correct procedures. The respondents should also be enlightened on the benefit of the survey in order for them to feel free and give information freely to reduce the levels of any form of biasness (Marrett, 2003). During data entry, a lot of interest should be put on the accuracy and maximum verification done to eliminate any kind of inaccuracy. When using questionnaires the language used should be simple and precise for better understanding by the correspondent.
Time and cost
This project has a time limit that must be delivered on the agreed time, however, occasionally; obstacles could result to a delay to the project e.g. late reply from samples. This may also be brought about by underestimation of the amount of time required to effectively conduct the survey. The surveyor needs to identify the information needed in defining and locating the respondent in that the way the data is to be collected, designing and pre-testing the questionnaire (Marrett, 2003). The time and amount of time required to carry a survey depends on the type and complexity of the survey, for this reason the surveyor should be able to have a clear budget containing all the requirements for the survey.
Most organizations combine their own surveys with that of HCAHPS to reduce their survey costs. This will clearly prevent any possible abortion of the survey before the aim of the study is achieved. Usually, for any given project there will be a set budget that was estimated based on several factors. However, these factors are variables, therefore, a contingency plan should always be there to overcome the over cost by maybe sourcing for funds from different bodies.
Citro, C., Ilgen, D., & Marrett, C. (2003). Protecting participants and facilitating social sciences
Research. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.
Berman, J., McCombs, H., & Boruch, R. F. (1977). Two small experiments in assuring
Confidentiality of response. Sociological Methods and Research, 6, 45–63. Read More
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