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We'll Bring our Location to You - Case Study Example

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The trucks possess sophisticated equipment for cooking, serving and storing foods. Traditionally, mobile food trucks were famous for supplying kebabs, burgers and typical lunches. Currently, the food trucks have grown to…
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Well Bring our Location to You
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Download file to see previous pages Some societies will be friendly while others will be harsh. Turner, a food truck owner, said that operating a mobile restaurant was a remarkable experience. People would stream out, both parents and children, to enjoy delicious meals that they offered. The particular town was very nice for trucks (Rock, 2012).
A mobile restaurant is more flexible than a stationary restaurant. In seasons when business is low in a particular area, one only shifts to new locations where business is good. The prices of foods in a mobile restaurant are comparatively lower to that of a stationary restaurant. The cost of starting a mobile restaurant are much more affordable ranging between $20,000 to $160,000 depending on the food truck one would purchase. Fixed restaurants have high operational costs especially in big cities. Thus making net profit is difficult in the case of fixed restaurants (Scarborough 2012).
Market penetration is one of the biggest advantages of mobile restaurants. Food trucks can quickly dispatch deliveries to community festivals, weddings and private events. Mobile restaurants overcome the difficulties companies might face in holding business off-sites even though demand exists. In such cases, mobile restaurants deliver quality food and services at places of convenience to the client (Jennings, 2009). The precise location of a mobile restaurant cannot be easily determined. The food truck is at one place at particular moment and the next moment it is far away (Mark Elliot & Sanders, 2013). Thus, mobile restaurants are highly mobile ever exploring and searching for new market and opportunities.
Food trucks have the ability to move to locations where there are many customers and park there thus achieving high sales. Mobile restaurants are like arteries they penetrate everywhere and generate approximately $1.4 billion per annum (Marte, 2012).Hence, food trucks in a sense hijack customers by parking in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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We'Ll Bring Our Location to You Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“We'Ll Bring Our Location to You Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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