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Any franchise - Essay Example

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Very many programs and initiatives geared towards changing behavior are coining their ideologies behind the mask of sports. These provide a good avenue for developing a franchise that provides and regularly supplies…
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Any franchise
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Extract of sample "Any franchise"

Report of Miami Sports Ventures Youth sports are taking another dimension in the society today. Very many programs and initiatives geared towards changing behavior are coining their ideologies behind the mask of sports. These provide a good avenue for developing a franchise that provides and regularly supplies these projects with the needed sports utilities. With the world cup also coming around the corner, the thought of sports will highly influence many into involving in the activity itself. In order to make Miami a place to enjoy life then sport must be incorporated to change the minds of the young people who have turned to crime. The demographics of young people interested in sports have changed in Miami with more people filling the limited sport shops for utilities. The city offers a ready market for sports utility
The success of these company beings with exceptional leadership as well as an innovative management team that is knowledgeable and experienced to handle the matters in the franchise business. Since this is a small start up, we would not be in a position to have a big management team ( Liberson 23). The C.E.O will be accorded the mandate to higher his workers. The management team will be liable in the running of the operations of this franchise under the authority of the CEO. The CEO will have the powers to take the company to another level.
Marketing remains the greatest program and strength of this business. A proper marketing strategy will be deployed in order to effectively reach the wide range of market with the merchandise. Funds will be used to produce advertising materials in order to attract customers. A robust financial marketing plan will be done for the franchise that would revolve around advertising. Several methods of marketing will be deployed with the motive of reaching a wider range of clients. Since this franchise will be entering the job market a new, it will dwell in providing traditional means of advising that will lower the cost of expenses ( Liberson 23).
Financial Needs
This franchise will ensure proper financial planning and will carry on with proper investigation to find the related costs. This capital to rise in beginning this franchise will be borrowed from different sources in order to fund all the needs of this business. It will be effective to have prepared a financial budget that will support with the effective running of the business. The banks would be the last option in raising the funds for the start up of the business. To incorporate a wide variety of stock in the business, a large pool of funds will be of the essence. The cost of franchise varies enormously depending on the segment one chooses ( Liberson 23). Costs can range. It is imperative that, before any franchise agreement, there are other related costs that one has to incur such as professional fees for the Attorneys reviewing the assessment of the franchise and registering it. Other costs like renting offices, equipment, inventory, insurance, employee training, will also be incurred during this period.
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Liberson, Donna. The Franchise Business. Falls Church, VA: Landmark Media, 1992 Read More
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(Any Franchise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Any Franchise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Any Franchise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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