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Story telling - Essay Example

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Children who spend most of their time with them have a high self esteem, ambitious, can maintain friendships and also have a desired emotional judgment. Grandfathers have a lot of wisdom and advice they can…
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Story telling
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Extract of sample "Story telling"

Childhood Memories with My Grandfather Grandparents have a great impact to the lives of their grandchildren. Children who spend most of their time with them have a high self esteem, ambitious, can maintain friendships and also have a desired emotional judgment. Grandfathers have a lot of wisdom and advice they can give to their grandchildren unlike the grandmothers who are in most cases religious. On the other hand children tend to be more open to their grandparents than they are with their parents. My grandfather, Mr. Ali, was my role who greatly impacted on the person I am today. (Ritchie, 22)
The memories of my childhood days are nostalgic especially those with my grandfather. He is a man I will never forget for the positive impact he had in my life. In his young days, he was a pearl diver and later a fisherman. My grandfather was a man on his word and kept all the promises he made and only talked when he had something to say. He taught me on how to become a good listener and only talk when it is important. Ali was a strong man who was married to only one wife, twelve children, six boys and six girls. He wanted a great future for his children and that is why he ensured that they acquired education. According to Ritchie (27), education was not a priority during those days but my grandfather had a mindset of earlier generations. Staying around my grandfather impacted positively in me as I realized the value of education and being aggressive towards achieving my life goals.
My grandfather had a unique way of showing love. He had an exemplary way of loving his wife and children. He loved me so much and always wanted to have me around when doing his work. He always said that he didn’t want his grandchildren to grow into lazy adults. He also trained his children to become independence so that they could be successful in life. My grandfather contributed a great deal to what I am today. I am able to love my family and take care of them just like my grandfather did. My grandfather had a character of not holding back in anything that came his way. He taught me to always go for what I want and never give up easily in life (Ritchie, 31). This is a character that I have always upheld even in my education, as well as, in all my workplaces. He described a person who gives up easily as a failure and that they will never be successful.
In conclusion, the experience I always had with Ali was that it is important for any child to have a grandfather. His demise affected me strongly and still affects me to date. He was a friend and grandfather I will never have again. I will forever remember him for the love he had for us, his ambitious acts and for his being ever motivated. Most of the good principles and characters I have are accrue to him. I have closely followed his footsteps in most things that I do. He has always been a part of my life and I will never forget him. The virtues and the principles I hold in life could be different if my grandfather was not around in my childhood days. He was a great man who trained me how to love my family, work hard in school, become independent and ambitious in life. I will forever remember him and follow his footsteps closely.
Work cited
Ritchie, Charles. Scenes of Childhood and Youth. My Grandfathers House. Canada: McClelland & Stewart, 2011. 22-37. Print. Read More
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