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Strategy as Practice & Leadership - Section A: Strategic Practice - Essay Example

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The definition of the term ’strategy’ has dynamic point of views as it reflects the fact that it is a plan which guides the organisation in achieving the…
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Strategy as Practice & Leadership - Section A: Strategic Practice
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Extract of sample "Strategy as Practice & Leadership - Section A: Strategic Practice"

Download file to see previous pages Strategy–as-practice refers to various facts such as to who is doing the strategy, how, why and what is its impact is shaping a correct strategy for taking a well sorted out decision. The concept of strategy–as-practice has come into existence due to the increasing dissatisfaction arising from the conservative research strategy. This form of strategy changes the focus from how the organisation changes to how the strategies are being structured for the better implantation and strategic decision. The strategy-as-practice notion is one of the new approaches as it focuses on how the people act to attain the goals (Sithole, 2011).
Another aspect is strategic leadership which depends largely on the business and the current culture of the organisation. It is of significance as it assists the organisation to attain success as it provides a new vision along with direction for its growth perspective. Leadership is important to act strategically i.e. taking the correct decision as per the situation and then keeping in the view the organisational success (Pasmore, 2013).
The aim of the essay is to explore the importance of strategic thinking on the basis of various perspectives. The essay will reflect the techniques used for the evaluation of the importance of the strategic thinking in leadership and practice of the new approaches. The key aim is to explore the one of the statements by Mary Parker Follett in relation to the ideas of strategic thinking.
The statement by Mary Parker Follett – “(managers) must take people with their inheritance, their ‘tendencies’ their environment and then focus its attention on their interrelating” reflects a new psychology (Graham, 2003). The statement reflects the importance of social psychology and also tends to initiate the fact the social psychology will not be pertinent by keeping in view the individual psychology which was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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