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Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan - Essay Example

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He also has a blended style of decision making abilities. However, he is not satisfied with his current pay and does not feel any accomplishment.
The employee does not need much…
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Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan
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Extract of sample "Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan"

Download file to see previous pages The employee presents an average general satisfaction of job, has a mid-level emotional intelligence score, and a mid-level emotional intelligence score. He is also a deliberate decision maker. However, he is dissatisfied with his career progress.
The employee needs a lot of motivation because of his extreme dissatisfaction with his career progress. The company therefore should consider promoting the employee and increasing his responsibilities.
The employee does not need much motivation. However, he feels that he is not being appreciated. The company should therefore recognise his contributions to the company by assigning him important projects and providing him with status to make him feel appreciated and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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