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Organisational Politics: a Group Role Play - Case Study Example

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With reference to the case of Fran Gilson, Ken Hamilton, and Jennifer Chung, this study "Organisational Politics: a Group Role Play" seeks to give a reflective statement on what the three individuals would have done in accordance to the discussed situation stated in the group role play…
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Organisational Politics: a Group Role Play
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Extract of sample "Organisational Politics: a Group Role Play"

Download file to see previous pages Looking at Fran Gilson’s case, I can clearly notice that there are two sides of having social networks as a workplace. She finds herself in a situation where she wants to consider a higher paying job elsewhere. Because she is not sure whether or not she will get the job she decides not to tell anyone at the office apart from Ken Hamilton whom she has some social ties with. This works out well for her because she is able to use him as a referee. Ken Hamilton, the director of finance at the organization where she works agrees to be Gibson’s referee. This was a good move because getting a referee from that organization would have been a hard task. If it would have happened then she would fall short of the favor of the organization’s top management if her job-seeking mission would have failed (Bacharach 2000, p. 204).
As for Ken Hamilton, there are a lot of risks that he is taking by agreeing to be Gibson’s referee. If in any case, something would have happened that this information got to the top management then he would be treated almost in the same manner in which Gibson would be treated. This means that in a way he would have considered declining to be her referee. The fact that she was leaving is a clear indication that this was an alliance that will not be of any political significance to him in the organization. He would have instead chosen to convince her to face the relevant authorities and request for a reference.
Jennifer Chung finds herself in a dilemma as a result of misuse of power in an organization. Ken Hamilton uses his powers as the director of the finance department to sexually harass Jennifer. In such cases, people usually find themselves in a dilemma of choosing between what is morally and ethically acceptable and what it takes to keep their job. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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