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Strategic Management Unit 4DB - Essay Example

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General Motors’s website spells out the company’s commitment to the environment, disclosing that the company is devoted to making vehicles and facilities that have minimal negative environmental impact. Chevrolet Volt is one such vehicle and 110 landfill-free is an example…
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Strategic Management Unit 4DB
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Extract of sample "Strategic Management Unit 4DB"

General Motors General Motors General Motors’s website spells out the company’s commitment to the environment, disclosing thatthe company is devoted to making vehicles and facilities that have minimal negative environmental impact. Chevrolet Volt is one such vehicle and 110 landfill-free is an example of the facility that the company claims has little negative impact on the environment. The website reveals that General Motors collaborates with EPA Energy and has even received an award from its participation in EPA activities. There is information in the website that claims that the company is committed to contribute to waste reduction, resource preservation, efficient use of energy and making fuel-efficient vehicles (General Motors, 2014; Crumm, 2010).
In order to remain on track with its environmental policies, General Motors establishes relations with the communities that host its operations in setting up ways of increasing efficiency in energy use. For example, in Michigan, it collaborates with DTE Energy both inside and outside its plants. The company shares tips on how to manage, in a better way, negative environmental impacts through its official website. General Motors has designed a blueprint for adopting landfill-free way of life. To promote safety, General Motors China conducted a Safe Road Project that sensitized people to wear safety belts and drive safely. General Motors recycles waste in an endeavour to remain committed to the zero-waste campaign. The company uses 37 MW of solar energy in a number of its facilities in order to promote efficient energy use (General Motors, 2014; Crumm, 2010).
General Motors’ commitments to the environment are universal. It channels many of its resources to the making of vehicles that have reduced environmental pollution impact. Auto companies have been using solar energy in promoting efficient energy use. Waste recycle is one of the most common ways of reducing environmental pollution used by people even beyond auto making business (General Motors, 2014; Crumm, 2010).
Crumm, Thomas A. (2010). What is good for General Motors? : Solving America’s Industrial Conundrum. New York: Algora Pub.
General Motors. General Motors. General Motors. Retrieved from: Read More
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(Strategic Management Unit 4DB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Strategic Management Unit 4DB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Strategic Management Unit 4DB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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