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Cultural Variables that Affect Communication: Barrier to Managing Employees - Essay Example

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An author of this brief essay "Cultural Variables that Affect Communication: Barrier to Managing Employees" seeks to highlight the importance of comprehending the employee culture at the workspace as well customization to the culture of the workspace itself…
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Cultural Variables that Affect Communication: Barrier to Managing Employees
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Extract of sample "Cultural Variables that Affect Communication: Barrier to Managing Employees"

Barrier to Managing Employees As s seen in the work of Deresky , workers in other s present the challenge of managing human resources who are of a different culture. For example, if an association originates from USA and it opens a branch in Qatar, the association would be expected to hire Qatar citizens as employees. For this cause, the staff embrace a totally different background from the one in the USA. The HRM in Qatar has to enacted strategies that are respect and acknowledge the culture of the Qatar employees (Staggenborg, 2011).
In a global market, the association has to explore on the new culture the employee presents to the organizational customs (Steingold, 2013). Comprehending this culture would allow the association to enact strategies to manage human resources without major differences. For instance, a multinational company in Saudi Arabia should be responsive in the system of dressing putting in mind the qualities on dressing accepted by the Arab nationals. In an argument by Steingold (2013), to efficiently administer staff in other countries ,all that is expected is to comprehend the inclinations by employees before putting place worker management strategies. In addition, an association should also embrace a HR culture that is already proven to be successful but fit in the requirements presented by the novel setting (Robbins, 2011). Read More
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(An Essay to Demonstrates Research and Analysis of Scholarly Articles - 2)
An Essay to Demonstrates Research and Analysis of Scholarly Articles - 2.
“An Essay to Demonstrates Research and Analysis of Scholarly Articles - 2”, n.d.
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