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The Push and Pull Concept in Marketing and Promotion in Business Operations - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes Real world Practical examples of push strategy that include the showrooms that are present all over. In the case of digital devices, the I phone stores that are established in different parts of the world that promote their new devices…
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The Push and Pull Concept in Marketing and Promotion in Business Operations
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Extract of sample "The Push and Pull Concept in Marketing and Promotion in Business Operations"

The push and pull concept are associated with marketing and promotion in business operations. As the would imply, in the case of push strategy the item, product or service is brought to the focus of the clients and customers through the different sources available for the promotion and reaching out to the customers.
Real world Practical examples of push strategy include the show rooms that are present all over. In case of digital devices, the I phone stores that are established in different parts of the world that promote their new devices, and other presently available devices are available in the dummy form, all these are examples of push strategy of marketing. Toyota’s promotional campaign is an example of practical world in this regard.
Pull strategy in contrast does not provide direct and on the spot availability of the item or service. It provides the details and explanation of the items only through pre planned promotional program.
The examples of pull strategy include the proper promotional campaign initiated before the launch of a particular item or product. In pull strategy the idea spread through words to different sources. They can be used subject to the understanding of the situation.
To experts, the pull strategy may lead to more effective outcome from the products and services. It helps overcoming the fear and factor of inventory. Also, the extra forecasts and the fear of getting the forecasts right is also eliminated through the help of pull strategy. Pull strategy is associated with the Lean management and Lean production process (Madura, 545).
Two word answer to majority of business questions?
Lean Management
Madura, Jeff. Introduction to Business. Thompson/South-Western, 2007. Read More
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