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Exercises for judges - Essay Example

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Ann’s parents had travelled out of town and had suggested that Barnaby comes over to keep Ann company. The girls had a good time as they watched a series of movies…
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Exercises for judges
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Extract of sample "Exercises for judges"

Exercises for “judges” Ann and Barnaby are best friends and on this particular day, Barnaby had gone to Ann’s house for a sleep over. Ann’s parents had travelled out of town and had suggested that Barnaby comes over to keep Ann company. The girls had a good time as they watched a series of movies that they loved and talked about fashion to boys. The only people who were aware they were all aloe were Barnaby’s parents.
The girls were so engrossed with painting their nails that they did not hear the front door open. The one thing that jilted their attention was that the security alarm went off when the door was opened (Dressler 43). Ann rushed to the door and quickly put the alarm off. Little did she know that a man had entered their house and was hidden in one of the closets on the ground floor. The security company called their house and Ann confirmed that all was well there.
They continued with what they were doing oblivious of the presence of someone else in the house. Ann went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and left Barnaby in the kitchen. The man in the closet was now watching them through the key hole. As soon as he saw that Ann had left the room, he slowly opened the door to the closet and walked quietly to Barnaby. Barnaby thought that it was Ann who was coming back from the kitchen only to see a stranger. She never even got the time to scream.
The stranger got to her and snapped her neck before she could even try and run (Dressler 87). It was so fast that there was neither hardly noise nor commotion from it. He now hid behind the sofa and waited for Ann. When Ann got back to the living room, she was surprised to find Barnaby lying on the floor. She dropped the two glasses of water that she was carrying and they fell on the floor. As she was o her knees, the man behind the sofa got up to attack Ann.
She saw him from the corner of her eye and she got up to run. The man was too fast for her and when he got to her, he tried to pin her down. Ann was fighting her like a mad woman, but he was too strong for her. She screamed out so loud and this is when the man started strangling her. Within a few minutes, Ann too was dead (Dressler 109).
Work Cited
Dressler, J. (2001). Understanding Criminal Law. Lexis Publishing, New York. Print. Read More
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