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Why International Banking Corporation Views Their Talent as Their Best Asset - Essay Example

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This essay explores why International Banking Corporation views their "talent" as their best "asset" and how developing and managing their "assets" contributes to its competitiveness…
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Why International Banking Corporation Views Their Talent as Their Best Asset
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Extract of sample "Why International Banking Corporation Views Their Talent as Their Best Asset"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that the international banking corporation has increased its trust in its talent; thus, increasing their productivity. The International Banking Corporation has its talent of giving services to international countries; thus, diversifying different services to different individuals from different countries. Basing its facts on the Human Resource Management theory, models and aspects, the international Banking Corporation utilizes its talent and values as important assets. No one can entrust an aspect, which has no advantage or no benefit. That is the reason as to why the International Banking Corporation treasures its talent of offering financial services to international customers including individual and organization customers. Firstly, the International Banking Corporation believes in its talent since it is a major service provider in the world. The talent that the International Banking Corporation has gives strategic plans for the future. The Strategic Human Resource Management and Resource-based theory has helped the International Banking Corporation to attain great heights. The talents owned by the International Banking Corporation are defined by the theories and concepts of the Human Resource Management. The International Banking Corporation has developed greatly by believing in the talents and resources. Resources available for the corporation have been well utilized to see the corporation reach great heights. Basing on strategic management, the resource-based theory gives a change in the strategic management. This is thought from an outside-in approach. The international banking corporation has a strategic management that has the role of managing all aspects of management in the corporation. This means that the corporation has the talent of managing the corporation’s activities, thus; provide better services to clients. In this corporation, the internal resources of the corporation create a starting point for giving determination to corporation success, in contrast to the old paradigm of outside-in thinking. This theory applies to Human Resource Management states “it is people that encompass the properties assumptions of value, rareness, inimitability, and non-substitution, – which are the necessary conditions for organizational success”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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